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Chris Lane’s Wife Lauren Hopes They’ll Be “Blessed With Another Baby” To “Give Dutton A Sibling”

Almost six months after welcoming their son, Dutton, into the world, Chris Lane and his wife, Lauren Bushnell Lane, are already discussing the possibility of adding more members to their family.

“I’m not sure how many in terms of, like, two or three, but I want to give Dutton a sibling,” Lauren said in a recent interview.

As for any new parents, the journey of having a newborn baby hasn’t been easy for the couple, especially with Chris on the road so often, but according to Lauren, it sounds like the positives far outweigh the negatives.

“He started sleeping through the night, so I’m getting more sleep, and he’s starting to really show his personality,” she said. “He’s very chatty and a bit strong-willed, too. It’s been really fun to see his personality bloom. I love being a mom. It’s true — it’s a love you never knew you could feel until having a child.”

The country music artist and former reality TV star got married in October 2019, a few years after meeting at a radio event in Texas and building their relationship in that time. Now, they are navigating their lives as parents, while the “Big, Big Plans” artist also juggles his booming career.

Lauren grew up with multiple siblings and over the years, as they grow and develop their own lives and their own families, they have remained her “best friends.” Because of all the love she feels in her family, she wants her son to have the same bond when he grows up.

​​“If you would’ve asked me two months ago, I think me and Chris both would’ve been like, ‘Ooh, I don’t know, sorry, Dutty, you might be an only child,’” Lauren admitted. “But I think now, again, that we’ve kind of turned that corner, we’re starting to get more of a routine. I grew up with three older siblings, so I definitely think it’s important for me to give him siblings. I just loved having siblings, and they are my best friends. Hopefully we are blessed with another child because I think we both want another one.”

Both Chris and Lauren have shared the good and the bad in their lives on social media, but Lauren in particular has been open and honest about her struggles in motherhood, including breast-feeding and postpartum anxiety. Being in the public eye, it’s only normal to feel the pressures of being the “perfect parent,” but as Lauren has shown her followers, not every day will be a good day.

“I recently shared my struggles with PPA and I can’t even begin to tell you how flooded my inbox was with your stories, struggles and most appreciated, your support,” she shared in an Instagram post. “Social media can be a tricky thing at times but the amount of encouragement I have received has made me feel far less alone and confident that ‘I got this!’”

Through it all, the couple has stayed strong and hopefully, this close bond they share will bring them another baby in the future, so Dutton can be a big brother.

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