Chloe Tang Releases Lyric Video for “Fanning the Flame”

Chloe Tang is a singer/songwriters who took the steps that she needed to find out her style and sound, and is now CONFIDENT as an artist by doing so. It was making the missteps, as we all do throughout life, that taught her who she wants to be for herself and how she wants to present herself as to the world with her music. Finding herself and continuing to be her true self paid off, because her constantly evolving R&B and pop tracks have gained 2.6 million total streams along with over 60,000 listeners a month on Spotify.

Chloe has even held her own in sold-out venues, opening for artists like Dua Lipa, and has had her music in MTV’s Teen Mom. And no, she’s NOT done yet.

That was just the beginning for her. Chloe’s new single, “Fanning The Flame,” is “music about real emotions and experiences – not what people think pop music should be.”

With lyrics like, “Up and down, confused / I know which way I need to go / But in your bed is where we end up losing self-control / Cause you and I ain’t blind / You and I ain’t right,” Chloe tells it like it is. Those lyrics in particular are talking about how the sex in a relationship can be amazing, but can’t be everything when the relationship is actually killing the two lovers.

“Fanning the Flame” is about the type of relationship that’s messy, beautiful, and fun, except when it’s not.

Watch the lyric video for “Fanning the Flame” below:

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