Chiodos unleashes the devil into Philadelphia for their Devils Dance Tour

Chiodos unleashes the devil into Philadelphia for their Devils Dance TourChiodos & The Devil’s Dance Tour stopped by Philadelphia, PA on April 19th 2014 at The Trocadero Theatre. We arrived to the venue early around 5:30 although doors weren’t until 7:00, & The crowd was already lined up when we arrived to the venue anxiously awaiting to flood into The Trocadero Theatre to grab a spot close to the stage. The Venue filled up quickly & then the lights faded away to introduce a band with EXTREME ORIGINALITY. 68’ started off the night with their very original set, a 2 piece band (A Vocalist whom also plays guitar) & a Drummer from Atlanta, Georgia. Very different from bands we usually see but it was very original & I like bands with originality it make them better & see music at a different view & hear it at a different sound. They’re lights weren’t the greatest for us photographers in the photo pit shooting the show but they weren’t horrible, red & orangish yellow lighting. Our Last Night was the next band to hit the stage an I must say they were AMAZING! They started off there set with the song “Same Old War“. They had a set list of 6 songs, an the fans were singing the words to every song and going crazy! They ended there set with the song “I’ve never felt this way” When their set was over it allowed the crowd chilled out for a bit while the co-headlining band set up! Next to board the stage was Emarosa. As they walked on the stage the crowd went wild! They started off there set with a new song (not sure of the title. Sorry) an the fans seemed like they really liked it. There set had a total of 9 songs. New front man Bradley Walden was very energetic. He would jump down to the barricade an let the fans sing into the mic. I personal love when bands interact with the crowd in this way. They ended there set with a fan favorite “The Past Should Stay Dead” the crowd sang all the words without skipping a beat. As the lights came back on the fans anxiously waited for the final band. Last but not least the most anticipated band of the night, the headliner Chiodos!! The lights dimmed an everyone started pushing there way to the front. The band entered the stage as a piano introduction started to play. They started there set with a new song from there newest album “Devil” the song was called “Ole Fishlips is Dead Now” even though the song wasn’t even a month old the fans sung the words loud and on point! Chiodos played 6 songs off of the new album an the fans were loving it. Fans started throwing there hands up as lead singer Craig Owens put a camera around his head an jumped into the crowd. The fans held him up as he tired to get a shot of all the people in the venue. The band played 12 songs before they left the stage but the fans cheered an ask for 1 more song. As the band re-entered the stage Craig said he will give us 2 more songs. They ended the show with the song from there second album back in 2007 “If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Will Sink” the crowd sang along as loud as they could! If this tour makes a stop in your area you definatley need to get out & see it!

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Chiodos Setlist

  • U.G. Introduction
  • Ole Fishlips is Dead Now 
  • The Undertaker’s Thirst for Revenge Is Unquenchable. (The Final Battle) 
  • There’s No Penguins in Alaska 
  • Thermacare 
  • A Letter from Janelle 
  • We’re Talking About Practice 
  • 3 AM 
  • Under Your Halo 
  • The Words “Best Friend” Become Redefined 
  • Expensive Conversations in Cheap Motels 
  • Behvis Bullock 
  • Baby, You Wouldn’t Last a Minute
  • Intensity in Ten Cities 
  • If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Will Sink 

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