CHASE RICE brings Jack Daniels & Jesus to The Fillmore in Philadelphia

Chase Rice’s third headlining tour, Jack Daniels and Jesus Tour, made its way to Nearly SOLD OUT The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA on January 8th, 2016 joined by The Cadillac Three and Tucker Beathard. A white curtain arose, and silhouettes of Chase Rice and his band which consists of the very talented Chris Loocke on lead guitar, John Souki on rhythm guitar, Marcello Bakos on bass, and Jeremy Roberson on drums, flashed across the curtain as the beginning of “How She Rolls” echoed through the Fillmore Philly. Fans cheered as the elegant chandeliers above began to shake and sparkle for Chase Rice as the curtain dropped and the show commenced with “Do It Like This” and “50 Shades of Crazy,” songs from his latest album, Ignite The Night, which was released via Columbia Records Nashville.   

Much of Chase’s good time memories revert back to college, when he attended The University of North Carolina. He relayed to everyone that before he would go out, he and his buddies would drink and pre-game to a “playlist of songs before hitting the bar.” He shared some of the top songs off of that playlist, and sang snippets of, “Smoke a Little Smoke,” “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” “Dust on the Bottle,” “Livin on a Prayer,” and “Free Fallin’.” He followed that up with his song, “Goin’ Out,” as fans raised their beers into the air and belted the lyrics out. Then keeping the theme alive with his song “Carolina Can” which also reverts back to his hometown of North Carolina. Performing “Gonna Wanna Tonight.” Chase sharing a touching moment with the audience when he performed his song “Jack Daniels and Jesus” which is the title track of the tour. The song is about a time in Chase Rice’s life when was struggling and felt lost after suffering the loss of his father. He explained to the audience that this is his favorite song he has ever written because it came from a place of complete honesty and vulnerability which was very visible as there was something different about the way that he performed the song with such passion. His band stepped away and allowed Chase to perform the song with just his acoustic guitar, exactly how he had written it which was completely flawless.  After he exposed his life struggles via music, he broke the seriousness and began singing the quite sexual song, “Ride.” before inviting a fan on stage to serenade her halfway through the performance, and every girl in the room radiated jealousy as they screamed while Chase touched the ladies leg and brushed along her shirt that said “I’m All About The Chase.”  

Chase’s big break as an artist is not hidden in anyway and its very apparent that it was co-writing Florida Georgia Line’s hit song “Cruise.” He strummed his guitar and began to sing along to a song that changed his life and the crowd went wild. Then introducing the band in Chase Rice’s own signature way after stating their name allowing them to individually showcase their skills by choosing a song that everyone in the audience would know. Chris Loocke choosing Puddle Of Mudd’s “She Fucking Hates Me” to showcase his skills, John Souki then performing Blink 182’s “What’s My Age Again!?” then Marcello Bakos performing Garth Brooks “Friends In Low Places”which as Chase even conquered the famous third verse, as the crowd sang along feverishly. Ending the night with Chase’s biggest hit so far “Ready Set Roll” causing an eruption inside of the Fillmore as fans eagerly awaited this moment all night. Chase then jumping into the crowd to meet fans, sign autographs as the rest of the band continued to serenade the crowd the ending chords of “Ready Set Roll.” Chase Rice has the confidence to command the attention of the entire room in a very captivating way grasping the crowd attention throughout every single second of his performance. Chase’s live show is a up-close, one of a kind experience that exceeds any expectations. Eager to please his fans, Rice and his band go out of their way to make even the most casual of fans leave his show with one hell of a story to tell the following day. Rice comes off as a class act live, taking as much time as he could to show appreciation to his fans making it even more noticeable this tour with an extraordinary light show to accompany his flawless talent and one of a kind performance. With a library of catchy anthem ready tracks and a sea of diehard bro-country, Chase Rice fans, Chase’s success is guaranteed to rise rapidly as we eagerly await new music from Chase in 2016! The Jack Daniels and Jesus Tour offers an incredible amount of talent and is a must-see tour of 2016! 


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