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Cash-Obsessed Rappers: Who Makes the List and Who Doesn’t?

The rap industry has historically been one of the most competitive genres within the entire music scene, and because of its very nature, it has long peaked the interests of fans on a global level. With some artists looking to center many of their lyrics around fame, material items and wealth to give themselves a competitive edge, it’s hardly surprising that some hip hop creators appear cash obsessed.

Due to the emergence of contemporary artists helping to bring rap music back to the forefront of the mainstream music industry, we’re going to take a look at some of the most cash-obsessed rappers within the genre, along with also considering which popular artists don’t talk about money quite so frequently.

Who Are the Most Cash-Obsessed Rappers?
Playboy Carti

Playboy Carti” (CC BY 2.0) by thecomeupshow

While discussing money and wealth in lyrics has been common in hip hop for a long time, it looks to have become central to the focuses of many modern-day artists. According to Lottoland’s interactive feature which compares some of the richest rappers within the hip-hop scene, Playboi Carti is currently the most cash-obsessed artist. The 22-year-old musician features money-related lyrics in a total of 78 of his songs. Moreover, the Atlanta-born rapper uses money-related terms at a rate of 1.8 per cent against total words sung, which equates to approximately 44 mentions in every 10,000 words.

Aside from Playboi Carti, Cardi B is another rapper that regularly discusses money in her songs. The triple platinum winner artist has reached incredible levels of fame since her debut album was released back in 2016. While the 26-year-old rapper mentions money in only 40 of her songs, which is considerably less than Playboi Carti, she still averages almost 79 mentions against every 10,000 words sung.

Which Rappers Aren’t Obsessed with Money?
Chance the Rapper ::: Red Rocks ::: 05.02.17
Chance the Rapper ::: Red Rocks ::: 05.0” (CC BY 2.0) by Julio Enriquez

However, while many contemporary rappers do focus on cash-related lyrics, the same cannot be said for every single modern-day artist. Although it is widely thought that success would lead to ultimate happiness, Logic’s 2016 song, “Deeper Than Money”, focuses on explaining how factors that aren’t related to money or fame are what truly makes him content. Furthermore, this sentiment was later echoed in a 2018 interview where the rapper reiterated that money didn’t make him happy.

Additionally, and much like Logic, Chance the Rapper is another artist who isn’t obsessed with money. The 23-year-old Chicago native met with three major labels before opting to release his second mixtape for free online as he didn’t want a limit to be placed on people accessing his best work. Chance has never sold an album and believes that if you put the effort into achieving something, then the rewards can be gained through non-conventional methods.

Variety Can Create Stars

Even though many of the artists mentioned above go about their business in different ways, they have all still achieved greatness within the music industry. While money is a traditional topic within the rap scene, it’s clear that it’s not the only route to take, as having elements of variety can still result in success.

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