Fourteen-time ACM Awards winner, Carrie Underwood announced the performance shortly before joining in, with the televised live singing debut ‘This Is Us’ star, Chrissy Metz performing “I’m Standing With You” from her Breakthrough movie soundtrack. Metz was joined by Lauren Alaina, Maddie & Tae and Mickey Guyton who are also featured on the soundtrack for Breakthrough. Underwood joining in nearing the end of the song with a fierce lyric saying, “through whatever you go through, I’m standing with you.”

Metz premiered her song “I’m Standing with You” from her upcoming movie Breakthrough on the 2019 ACM Awards tonight (April 7). Metz took the stage first with a spotlight shining brightly on her in a beautiful blue dress before she was joined by the aforementioned country singers. Together, they raised their voices singing their hearts out the song’s emotion-filled lyrics, the performance was highlighting the Academy’s philanthropy brand, ACM Lifting Lives.

The Diane Warren-penned song “I’m Standing With You” and all those artists who actually do appear on the soundtrack for Breakthrough, the true story which stars Metz as Joyce Smith, whose teenage son drowned, was pronounced dead, and miraculously came back to life as she prayed over his body.

This ACM Awards performance fulfilled one of Chrissy Metz longtime dreams of singing for live audiences and she shocked everyone with her powerful vocals. We hope to hear more singing from Metz. The emotion-filled performance was strong, fierce and full of empowerment.


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