Carly Pearce; Photo Courtesy of Edward James
Carly Pearce; Photo Courtesy of Edward James

Carly Pearce Says Her Ex Can Drink “All The Whiskey In The World” But It Won’t Drown Out Her Memory In New Song

Carly Pearce performed a new song this past weekend called “All The Whiskey In The World.” A song that finds Pearce singing about an ex-boyfriend, sharing that no matter how much whiskey he drinks, he will never be able to drown out her memory.

Pearce live debuted the brand new unreleased song during her concert at The Listening Room in Nashville on Saturday (Feb. 14) and it had fans begging for it’s release all over social media after one fan shared a clip of the track.

“If I know you, you’re halfway through a black label bottle / the lights are off, the tv’s on, you’re almost to the bottom / and you’ll convince yourself that maybe this will be the one to fix it / you pour yourself another glass just to find out it isn’t,” Pearce begins singing in the songs opening verse.

Moving into the chorus, she sings: “All the whiskey in the world won’t burn out my memory / I’ll be right back on your mind when the morning sun comes up / and you can drink Kentucky dry trying to drown out what you’ve done but all the whiskey in the world ain’t enough.”

After singing the chorus, fans applauded her as they adored the song and appreciate the singer sharing her hurt within a song.

Watch her full performance below.

Emily Shackleton and Lindsay Ell joined Pearce during the Sold Out Listening Room concert.

During her previous appearance at The Listening Room, the singer debuted another unreleased track called “Didn’t Do,” detailing all that their ex didn’t do for her.

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