We Came As Romans says to expect a moving crowd at Rock’N Derby

Hey, We Came As Romans you guys have been slaying out on the road in 2016, You are actually currently out on the Bands vs. Food tour with Memphis May Fire, Miss May I & For Today. How has this tour…


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Posted on May 11, 2016

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Hey, We Came As Romans you guys have been slaying out on the road in 2016, You are actually currently out on the Bands vs. Food tour with Memphis May Fire, Miss May I & For Today. How has this tour been going for you guys?

It’s going really really well. Better than expected actually. It seems every band on the package shares a lot of the fans that are coming out, so I think people are leaving the shows feeling like they got their money’s worth. 

You released your latest album which is Self-Titled in late 2015 while you guys were out on the 2015 Vans Warped Tour. How have fans responded to this album this far being almost a year since its release? 

We tried a lot of different things on that record and viewed it as a chance to show our listeners a different side of us, which has opened a lot of doors for us and presented new opportunities. However, with doing something outside of the ordinary, you’re always going to have the listener who doesn’t want a change in sound. From the opposing perspectives, we’ve learned a lot about what our listeners want to hear and we’re excited to make new music in the not so distant future.

WCAR put out their music video for “Memories” a few weeks back which is off your Self-Titled album as well. This song seems to have a strong meaning behind it. What is the meaning behind this song and music video?

We wrote it about the last moments you get to spend with loved ones whether it’s before you go on tour, go away to college, or move across the country, it’s important to make the most of the final hours together. We thought incorporating some of our Warped Tour memories was a great way to portray the message of the song, since the friendships you make on that tour are very strong and it’s a tour that makes it sad to say goodbye to the friends you made all summer. 

YouTube video

What made you guys to use WE CAME AS ROMANS as your album title, rather then using a different album name?

It was the first record we’ve done where all six of us were very involved in the creative process. I think it showcased our different personalities well and brought us together in a different way. So why not name it after the band?

When you released your new self-titled album coming out. I read that you have recorded 40 tracks for the album but only ended up choosing 10 for the album. How did you come up with 40 songs and choose only 10. Was that difficult to decide?

Some songs, yes it was, and others we all agreed either weren’t good enough or just didn’t fit correctly. Once you decide on a direction for the record, it gets easier to choose which songs fit and which ones don’t. 

Can fans expect any new music from WCAR coming soon in 2016? (if so, is there a time/date set for its release?)

There’s no set time for a release yet, but we did start writing. 

You’re currently up for an Metal Hammer Award for Best Breakthrough Band. How does it feel to be nominated for this award? I have faith you guys are going to kickass and win this award. 

It’s nice to be recognized for an award like this in the UK. We’ve been trying really hard to match our success in the US overseas in different countries and it’s nice to see we got the ball rolling over there. 

Your cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Trouble’ has over 7 million hits now, do you know if she’s heard it yet? Out of her entire song collection, Why did you guys choose “Trouble”?

I feel like she has, which is a really cool feeling! When we were choosing a song to cover, “Trouble”  seemed like the best option because it’s popular, the music video was easy to spoof, and musically, covering it fits our sound. 

YouTube video

You guys are playing Rock’N Derby this month on May 21st, 2016 with some awesome bands like A Day To Remember, Halestorm, Anthrax, and All That Remains. What are you most looking forward to at Rock’N Derby and is there any bands you are looking forward to seeing? 

I love playing festivals and getting to perform for new listeners. They’re always such big opportunities for our band. And I can’t wait to see A Day To Remember. They’re a great band and always put on an entertaining set. 

What can fans expect from your set at Rock’N Derby?

We like to get the crowd moving! So be ready for that. 

Anything else fans can expect from We Came As Romans in the near future? Also anything we haven’t chatted about that you wish to mention in this interview?

We’re going to start writing soon, so keep a lookout for new material! 

Check out WCAR at the upcoming ROCK’N DERBY Festival on May 21st, 2016 in Albany, NY. Tickets are still available at rocknderby.com 

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