BUSH take charge of The Tower Theater in Philadelphia on March 1st, 2015!

BUSH is back on the road celebrating both the release of their new album Man On The Run, released back on March 26th, 2014. Along celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sixteen Stone.  BUSH made their way into The Tower Theater on March 1st, 2015 to bring us one incredible evening of awesome music and one of the best live shows you’ll ever see. Opening up the show is Stars In Stereo and Theory of A Deadman. The crowd heavily anticipating the iconic BUSH to take the stage, just as the lights went dark the crowd screaming till they couldn’t scream no more as Robin Goodridge has taken his spot at his drum kit, Chris Traynor on Guitar, Corey Britz on Bass & then Gavin Rossdale on rhythm guitar and lead vocals has taken the stage. As if to prove that they still have it going on twenty years later, the band opened with “The Sound of Winter”, and “Bodies in Motion” from their 2011 comeback album, The Sea of Memories, before lashing into their first mega-hit “Everything Zen”, which saw singer/guitarist Gavin Rossdale attack the microphone with the kind of energy that’s hard to find anymore at live shows, Along with dropping to his knees to perform a solid guitar solo to end their third song! BUSH Brought their all onto the stage for one hell of a performance with very interesting and sometimes entertaining video backdrops. Gavin and his bandmates proved that after two decades of making music and touring, that they are still full of extraordinary amounts of energy and passion for music. BUSH had a setlist to impress any fan from old to new, The band played a variety of their songs ranging from their first album Sixteen Stone, which was released in 1994, to songs from their newest album Man on the Run, which was released last year. I was captivated by the band and their music during the entire night. It was amazing to see the band members’ overflowing amounts of energy as they took charge of the stage at The Tower Theater. Gavin Rossdale’s interaction with the crowd was incredible as well. He went as far as to jump down into the crowd and run through to sing to the fans in the general admission area as well as making his way up to the balcony seats as well which excited many of fans in the balcony seating.  The crowd got a blistering set of guitar-rock from a band that looked as hungry to conquer the world as they did all the way back in 1997. An encore of classic’s, including “Machinehead” a song that will always be a favorite Bush song for people that don’t even like Bush and a Talking Heads cover “Once In A Lifetime”. It wouldn’t be a BUSH concert without ending their set with two of the bands fan favorites including “Glycerine” & “Comedown” which ended one of the best concerts and most iconic shows I’ve seen at Tower Theater in a long time! Twenty years later, Bush is an Iconic band still followed by their very loyal fan base who support them every step of the way! Bush has been announced to make their way back into Philadelphia/Camden,NJ to headline the MMRBQ on May 16th, 2015, Make sure you get out and see them cause trust me you will not be disappointed! 


  1. The Sound of Winter
  2. Bodies in Motion
  3. Everything Zen
  4. Insect Kin
  5. Swim
  6. Just Like My Other Sins
  7. This House Is on Fire
  8. Greedy Fly
  9. The Chemicals Between Us
  10. The Only Way Out
  11. Mouth
  12. The Gift
  13. Broken in Paradise
  14. Letting the Cables Sleep
  15. The People That We Love
  16. Little Things

Encore Songs

  1. Machinehead
  2. Once in a Lifetime (Talking Heads cover)
  3. Glycerine
  4. Comedown

Photos & Review By: Andrew Wendowski Photography

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