Bullet For My Valentine have officially announced a set date for the release of their new album Gravity, which is the title of their sixth studio album, being released on June 29th. The first single “Over It” from the new album premieres today (April 1st) on BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter and can be streamed below.

Gravity is the follow-up record to their 2015 release of their album, Venom. Gravity is the first Bullet For My Valentine full-length album with new drummer Jason Bowld, who has been touring with Bullet for the last two years, and bassist Jamie Mathias who joined Bullet after the last album was complete.

Frontman Matt Tuck said: “There’s a lot of stuff that will be very self-explanatory when people hear it. I don’t wanna say too much about it yet ’cause it is very early days, but it’s a very personal record for me. It’s got highs and it’s got very dark lows. But it’s very real, and I think people will relate to it.”

Gravity will be released through BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE’s new label home, Search And Destroy, the imprint that launched in 2014 by Spinefarm Records and international artist management company Raw Power Management.

Stream their new single below:

See Bullet For My Valentine’s Gravity Album Art below:

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