Buckcherry – FUCK (Album Review)

FUCK is the 7th release from California rockers Buckcherry released August 19, 2014 via their own label, F-Bomb Records. This a very special EP, unique even! Literally every song title has the word ‘fuck’ in it. Basically, the entirety of the album is them saying ‘fuck’ as many times as they can that makes sense in a song. It’s honestly amazing, it made my fucking day. To make it even better, they covered the Icona Pop song ‘I Love It’, though it has been re-dubbed ‘Say Fuck It’, pretty much it’s the same message. With the exception of ‘Say Fuck It’, the EP is gold. Many fans, myself included aren’t too fond of the cover song, but that doesn’t really take away from the rest of the songs. They sound pretty much like what we’re used to hearing from them, and the fans are digging it too! There are two tracks that are already my favorites; ‘I Don’t Give a Fuck’ because honestly most of the time I don’t anymore, I don’t have time or any fucks left to give at this point in life. And of course there’s ‘Fist Fuck’, if nothing else I love it because of the title-it’s so graphic to think about and just makes me laugh like a fucking moron.

Rating: 5/5- There’s not much to say. This album is fucking gold. If you don’t get it, you’re a fuck face. Get this EP, get FUCKed! I’m probably going to hell for this review.

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