Buckcherry brings the crazy bitch to philly!

Buckcherry brings the crazy bitch to philly!3 Pill Morning, Monster Truck, and Buckcherry Rocked The Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia. Although doors were not set to open until 7:00p.m., Buckcherry Fans started to accumulate at about 5p.m. in anticipation of the American rock band from Anaheim, California set to perform tonight around 9:40pm.  After doors were opened the fans started pouring into the Trocadero, Where the opening act started to perform rather earlier then expected. This New York Based band The Brass Knuckle Evangelists. Their Rockin soul performance was honestly better then I would have expected. Even the Lead singer of the band admitted that he was only performing tonight so he could recieve admission & backstage access to see BuckCherry Perform, Which got the crowd screaming! 

After a brief break after their set 3 Pill Morning Began to set up the stage for their 30 minute performance. This up & coming Minneapolis, Minnesota hard rock band, It was obvious to see there were quite a few fans of 3 Pill Morning in the house tonight as they cheered them on as they set up & as they performed. They performed some of their hit songs like “Rain” & “Loser” off of their 2012 released album “Black Tie Love Affair”. 3 Pill Morning is definitley a band you want to go see live as they are great performers along with very ‘Fan Friendly’ they like to interact with their fans during their set, as well as meet them after their set. Check them out on their upcoming headlining tour in March 2014.

Up next was the Canadian rock group, Monster Truck. Who took the stage after 3 Pill Morning, with their very unique sound & lineup. Monster Truck isnt exactly the perfect fit for an audience waiting for Buckcherry but more of a fit for those who listen to classic rock bands like Guns & Roses. Monster Truck, Put on a great set! Upon Monster Truck Leaving the stage, The crowd filled with anticipation of Buckcherry. The stage lights dimmed & they began to set up Buckcherry’s Set Removing the big bolky speakers from the front of the stage blocking the view of some fans & hanging the Buckcherry backdrop & uncovering the drums.

Jacky Bam-Bam from 93.3 WMMR appeared upon the stage to give a brief introduction of Buckcherry, upon Jacky’s exit from the stage the lights then went dark as Buckcherry entered on stage with their hit song “Lit Up” which got the crowd moving! Their entire set was very Bright with Vibrant colors, flowing as they performed many of their hit songs along with cover songs from multiple bands which a few will be mentioned later on in this review. After many of comments from Josh Todd about being in philly on a friday night & how friday nights quickly turn into monday mornings. There was no way to slow down their head banging set where they then played/covered “Big Balls” by AC/DC. Buckcherry played without any breaks, throughout the entire 1hr – 1hr & a half performance. Buckcherry closed the night out with one of their biggest hits “Crazy Bitch” which they changed up the beat a bit and added some lyrics from the song “Bustin Loose” by Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers. Ending their song “Crazy Bitch” with the crowd singing the lyrics to them & then ending it with solos to meet each of their band members it began with Xavier Muriel’s hairflowing drumming solo, followed by Keith Nelson, Jimmy Ashhurst, Stevie D, & then finally Josh Todd’s Vocalist Solo which made for quite the outro. They officially ended the night with a cover of Icona Pop’s “I Dont Care, I Love It” Song but changing up the lyrics with “I Dont Care, Say Fuck It”. This is definitley a show you want to get out & see, If this particular tour doesnt tour into your area just wait & goto a show near you or travel cause it would definitley be worth traveling to see!

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