Broken Circuit – The Word Alive (Song Review)

“Broken Circuit” is the second single off of The Word Alive’s third full length album Real which is due for release June 9th in Europe and June 10th in the United States through Fearless Records. Real will also be the first album to feature Luke Holland on drums. 

The single was released May 13th via Fearless Records’ YouTube channel. It sound very much like something we would hear on their second album, Life Cycles. There are electronic elements and in certain parts dub-step like beats and drops. The ‘dub-step’ parts seem to sound a little out of place and awkward; they don’t take away from the song, however they don’t add much to it either. It’s incredibly different from the first single they put out “Play the Victim”. I’m hoping on Real they’re going for more diversity; Tyler “Telle” Smith did claim that they would be doing a few things differently, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

Fan reception is pretty evenly spread. Older fans feel the same way I do about the ‘dub-step’ thing, but they still are willing to give it a chance. Others think it’s complete crap, and that TWA has gone down the tubes. And there are the fans praising it and figuratively patting TWA on the back for their stab at diversity, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they don’t feed the trolls.

Rating: 3.5/5- Not gonna lie, wasn’t a huge fan of this track. It was okay,and it’s kind of growing on me, but nothing exceptional seems to stand out. The only thing that does stand out to me is the weird dub-step stuff, which I’m not a huge fan of and it kind of brought down the awesome factor of the song. Maybe it could have been a breakdown or a solo instead? I don’t know I’m not a musical genius and don’t claim to know anything. However, true to my mantra, I’m not going to write off the entire album just because I don’t like this particular song. I’m very excited to hear the rest of the album as it’s promised to be the heaviest yet! And bands can’t please everyone either, this song just wasn’t my cup of tea.

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