Broke Royals Release Music Video for “Love & Tatters”

We love a good concept album. Yes it takes time, but in our eyes, it’s totally worth it. With Broke Royals’ second album, Saint Luxury LP, the band had an even bigger story to tell. They knew they either had to go for broke or let that story go. In other words, go hard or go home.

With their song, “Love & Tatters,” off of their Saint Luxury LP, your ears are struck by a dynamic drumbeat. With lyrics like, “And we started shouting at each other for an hour,” and “We know we’re lost but we just want to stay,” a love story is being told that’s messy, misguided, and most of all, REAL, because no perfect relationship is ever really perfect.

This track shows that there is sadly a dark side to every relationship. Sometimes the person you found is the exact wrong person. But once you’ve found them, you want to keep them no matter what. It can sometimes feel as if they don’t work out, nobody else will, especially if you’re not a teenager anymore.

Have you ever felt the need to make a relationship work anyway? Like maybe they’re the one? Maybe they’re worth the pain? That’s what this song expresses for us. But honestly, the only way to find the answer is to trust your heart.

The answer will soon become clear, but remember, being single is healthy too.

Watch the video for “Love & Tatters” below:


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