BRING ME THE HORIZON – That’s The Spirit (Album Review)

BRING ME THE HORIZON’s fifth full-length studio album and their Columbia Records debut album keeps one foot in their metal core foundation while leaning further into their more recent pop rock inclinations; The result is an incredible unique to themselves album! The album contains 11 tracks and has a runtime of approximately 45 minutes. The songs “Drown” and “Throne” have been released as singles from the album. ‘That’s The Spirit’ is BMTH creating deliberate anthems that will be stuck in your head for days after listening. The production is clean, the synths shimmering, the guitars weaving in and out of standard rhythms and incredible vocal hooks  Bring Me The Horizon have created a new sound for themselves, and their fans are very positive with it and have been loving the album; Social media has been flooded with their new songs and praise on how awesome their new sound is.  The songs “Throne,” “Avalanche,” “Happy Song” and “Drown” are the highlights of the album for me as they are the songs that grasp my attention the most although every song on the album is unique to the other. This album was an attempt to find their new sound by trying to incorporate more electronics into the album in which they did and conquered their new sound. This album is sure to be a chart topping album. While I still believe Sempiternal to be the height of Bring Me The Horizon’s exploration of rock’s heavier side, That’s The Spirit is a far more interesting release. It’s rare for any band in the current alternative rock scene to step even a foot outside of their comfort zone. Especially after several increasingly successful albums, but Bring Me The Horizon have found a new path to creative satisfaction and they show no signs of looking back anytime soon. This album definitely has a mainstream radio exposure feel to it.  5/5 This album is extraordinary and filled with BMTH’s unique sound and talent. 

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