Brett Young; Photos Courtesy of Instagram
Brett Young; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Brett Young Is Thankful That He Was There To Hear His Daughter Say Da-Da For The First Time

Brett Young would normally be hitting the road pretty hard throughout the summer and fall touring and hitting the festival circuit but due to the ongoing pandemic he as well as most artists have been forced off the road.

Young recently shared that although he misses the road, he is thankful for the time off the road as he has gotten to witness a lot of his daughter, Presley Elizabeth’s, firsts.

“For everybody this is a weird year and it’s frustrating and you want it to get back to normal.  Sad reality is probably the normal won’t look like it ever did before anyway,” Young explained. “But I have gotten to see and hear a lot of firsts with my daughter because during the summer fair and festival season when I would have been gone four days a week, I was home.  You know, I heard her say da-da for the first time.  I was there for that.”

The “Lady” singer says that there are a lot of things that he would’ve missed out on if he was touring at normal capacity, so he says you just have to find the silver lining during these crazy times that we live in.

“But there’s been a lot of things that I haven’t had to miss out on that I definitely would have missed out on if we were at normal capacity,” Young added. “And so, you’ve gotta kinda fight to look for the silver lining but there’s a handful of them if you’re willing to look for ‘em.”

Luckily, when touring does finally resume, Brett had his entire bus remodeled and decked out so that his wife and baby Presley can join him on the road anytime they want, which he would love if it was all the time.

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