Breathe Carolina – SAVAGES (Album Review)

Breathe Carolina Savages Album ReviewSavages is the fourth studio album from Denver elecopop meets post-hardcore outfit Breathe Carolina. The album is due for release April 15th under Fearless Records, is currently streaming on Pandora under Pandora Premiers until April 14th, and pre-orders are also available. The album from start to finish is nothing short of fun, upbeat, and sure to have you on your feet within the first few seconds. From the in in your face song “Sellouts”, to the fun loving track “Savages” to the life motto of everyone in the teens-20’s age range “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” if just doesn’t stop! Mixing elements of electronic, pop, and hardcore Savages is nothing short of phenomenal and a must have for your summer, roadtrip, or Warped Tour playlist!

Rating 4/5: I am in love with this album. It’s a fun, easy listen, suitable for almost any setting. I’ve been listening to it almaot nonstop. It’s got great beats that are easy to dance to (even for those of us who can’t dance). I highly suggest you preorder this album, like, yesterday. And be sure to see Breathe Carolina on Warped Tour this summer!

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