Breaking Benjamin Performs “Failure” with Sevendust Drummer Morgan Rose

Breaking Benjamin is currently on the road with Avenged Sevenfold on ‘The Stage World Tour‘ and they kicked off the tour in Nashville, TN where not only did Avenged Sevenfold bring out a special guest to perform with them but so did Breaking Benjamin. Breaking Benjamin brought out the drummer of Sevendust, Morgan Rose, to perform “Failure” with them during their set in Nashville.

Benjamin Burnley introduced Rose to the stage saying, “I wanna tell you a little story, when I was 19 years old, we were driving around in my friend Roger’s car. And we were listening to this band, this is like 19 fu-king 97, and we were listening to this band, heavy f-cking band, great f-cking vocals, I’m 19 f-cking years old at this time, now I am 40, this is how long ago this was.” Continuing to tell the crowd “That was a band called Sevendust! *Crowd Cheers* So we have been fortunate enough in our lives and in our careers to become brothers with those guys. And right here sitting behind these f-cking drums right now is the one and only Morgan Rose, The drummer from Sevendust. Morgan is gonna play this next song with us and I wanna hear you singing this with us nice and f-cking loud Ok?” going right into their single “Failure” from their latest album, Dark Before Dawn.

The performance did not however come as a surprise if fans were following frontman Burley’s Instagram as he Instagrammed about Morgan Rose being at the show and saying “Nashville, Maybe we gonna have a special guest tonight!?!”

See footage of the performance below:


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