Breaking Benjamin is BACK!!!!

Breaking Benjamin made their return to the stage with 2 sold-out shows at Gators Pub & Eatery in Luzerne, PA on September 19th & 20th (we attended the 19th).  The filled beyond capacity venue first spotted the band who recently reformed with a new lineup backing (Shaun Foist, Aaron Bruch, Jasen Rauch, Keith Wallen) frontman Ben Burnley. The crowd began shaking the venue with excitement and the screams of joy to see Breaking Benjamin hitting the stage once again for the first time in 4 years. The first few notes of “So Cold” started off their hour and a half 22 song set. After playing “So Cold” Ben expressed his thanks to the crowd for attending the show and for their continued support over the years saying “Thank you all so much for being here tonight” a numerous amount of times throughout the night showing he is truly thankful for Breaking Benjamin’s loyal fan base continuing to support them. 

Breaking Benjamin had a very mixed setlist ranging from songs off their first album in 2002 titled Saturate all the way to their 2009 release titled Dear Agony. Benjamin Burnley proving to still have his very amazing & unique vocal range. After “So Cold” Burnley stating “I’m a little nervous right now, but bare with me” as the crowd roars letting the band know they still got it & to ease their nerves. Their performance throughout the night was flawless & the band couldn’t express their gratitude enough throughout the night telling the fans how much they love them & their continued support of Breaking Benjamin. Along with saying “We love you guys so much, how about we stay here all fucking week!” the crowd then erupting into cheers. No matter what the song was that was being performed the entire crowd sang along knowing every single word. After “Give Me A Sign,” Burnley asked the crowd if they remembered when Breaking Benjamin used to play shows in the same building more than a decade ago, when it was called The Voodoo Lounge many of the fans screamed and jumped showing they been backing them since day one. Burnley not being able to keep the smile off his face throughout the entire night, then stated “This is the first song we ever played on this stage” the hometown favorite titled “Home”.

BB also played a lot of fan favorites which they saved for more towards the end of their set like “Breath”, “I Will Not Bow”, & “Until The End” also covering an Alice In Chains song titled “Them Bones” & covering a Tool song titled “Prison Sex”. As the night came to an unfortunate end, Breaking Benjamin then began playing the Melody of “Diary Of Jane” which is a huge fan favorite to end their set off the right way. Just after exiting the stage the crowd chanted for an encore song and just moments after chanting Ben entered the stage to finish out the night with an amazing encore of their song “Rain”. It was impossible not to sing along throughout their entire set as they brought their all to the stage with an incredible performance from one of the areas best known bands returning to the stage. 


Breaking Benjamin’s Setlist

1. So Cold

2. Follow

3. Unknown Solider

4. Break My Fall

5. Simple Design

6. Blow Me Away

7. Water

8. Natural Life

9. Polyamourous

10. Shallow Bay

11. Give Me A Sign

12. Home

13. Breath

14. Them Bones (Alice In Chains Cover)

15. I Will Not Bow

16. Until The End

17. Prison Sex (Tool Cover)

18. Evil Angel

19. Lights Out

20. Outro

21. Diary of Jane


22. Rain

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