Brainsqueezed Releases Music Video for “My Fears in the Night”

Brainsqueezed is a solo alternative/progressive rock project consisting of French musician Sébastien Laloue. He has been making music since the 90’s, but it wasn’t till he moved to Sydney, Australia in 2020 where he got a sudden inspiration to create a cinematic, multi-layered new album.

That album is now I Am Not a Robot, due for release August 27, 2021.

I Am Not a Robot includes a diverse set of electric soundscapes influenced by the alternative rock sound of the ’90s, trip-hop, post-rock, and classic rock, all written and produced by Sébastien.

And for the theme, the album takes place in a universe where a robot believes it has a soul beyond its artificial intelligence.

The first single off of the album, “My Fears in the Night,” tells a story of the way fear is a constant companion from childhood onward to adulthood, when it becomes an inner voice.

With lyrics like, “Down came the sandman / Knew that I was ready for a fight / But it has been a long, long time, that I had to hide my fears in the night,” “In the middle of the night, silence and shadows came out to scare a child,” and “I fear that I’ll hear those scary voices in my head,” Sébastien’s personal story is told in a way that many people could relate to.

Watch the music video for “My Fears in the Night” below:

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