Brainsqueezed Release Lyric Video for “Razor Blade”

Brainsqueezed (Sébastien Laloue) is a French dark alternative rock project that was created in the mid-90s. Influenced by artists such as Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Queen, and Guns’n’Roses, Sébastien began recording his compositions during the early 2000’s. By 2015 he released his first EP, EMOTIONS, as Brainsqueezed. He then worked with studio musicians on new tracks that gave birth to his newest album in 2019, Scarred. The track that caught our attention the most off of that album was “Razor Blade.”

With lyrics like, “Feels like the taste of a razor blade / And I get weaker because of you / I’m not gonna get mad and kill my brain / Leave my children for you,” Sébastien expresses how he’s going to fight whatever it is he is facing, and that what he is facing it isn’t worth the outcome of him losing what he has.

By the end of the song he says, “You better not come back to me / Try to bury me after life.” This line seems to be stating that he got rid of the negativity going on in his head, and is living a better life now. With those lyrics, he conveys that he is DONE letting the bad thoughts win.

Although the term “razor blade” can be a bit triggering to some to see, Sébastien was brave enough to use it in his lyrics and as the title of the song. It was such a powerful way to explain how he was feeling physically and mentally. The end result of this track was something positive, and not negative like it may seem to be at first.

For this album, Sébastien wrote and composed all of the songs. Thanks to the studio musicians by his side, he was able to deliver an electric alternative dark rock with more energy and rhythm.

Watch the lyric video for “Razor Blade” below:

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