Multi-Platinum international rock band, Blue October brought their Heart Go Bang Tour to Philadelphia’s nearly sold out Electric Factory on April 1st to play their biggest headlining show in Philadelphia to date according to frontman, Justin Furstenfeld, and no this was no April Fools joke. Blue October is currently out on the road in support of their latest album titled HomeNot only was this night a milestone in Blue October’s career as musicians but also a memorable show as this was the final show with their longtime tour manager of Blue October for 16 years, Alan “Alski” Adams announced his departure as their TM as well as the final date of the first half of the Heart Go Bang tour.

Blue October’s began at about 9pm, with a very moody introduction of the band to the stage with deep blue lights filling the stage setting the mood for their introduction song “Coal Makes Diamonds” in which the crowd immediately began to sing along and sway to the beat of the music. This song was the perfect way to launch their set as it definitely set the tone for the evening as the band sounded better than we have ever heard. This song allowed frontman, Justin Furstenfeld to quickly connect with many of the fans in attendance during just the first song. Furstenfeld has been through quite a lot of struggles with mental illness which has been no secret to his fans and the general public and his music is his story which allows him to get it all out and share it with his fans which is often therapeutic for them as well as himself. You can feel the emotions behind each lyric Blue October has ever written more then ever now live as Furstenfeld’s vocals and performance now allow that to shine. One very notable yet very powerful moment of Blue October’s set was Justin’s spoken word storytelling-like intro for “Into the Ocean” during which the venue was completely silent, but quickly erupted into a sing along which had the venue roaring.

The last few years, Justin has earned a new lease on life which is very much so reflected in the band’s latest music more so then ever before. Their album Home which dominated the setlist of this show and I personally think this is the best material ever written by Blue October as the lyrics are just so honest, dark, emotional, and very powerful. This show definitley allowed the entire band to shine within each of their own talents, but it also showed frontman Furstenfeld at his happiest that I have ever seen him. This show/tour really allows Blue October to push their boundaries and make those already amazing songs further live with louder instruments with that impactful sound, and Justin’s vocals going beyond it’s limits. The encore provided a beautiful moment when Furstenfeld invited his brother Jeremy Furstenfeld out from behind his drumkit to join him center stage for a song that Justin wrote for his brother Jeremy because he was always somebody that he could count on to keep him in line, titled “We Know Where We Go.” This show was very special because not only was it their final show on the first leg of the tour but it was also the final show with their longtime Tour Manager Alan “Alski” Adams making for a unique ending to their set adding in one very special song that the band has not played live in a very long time. Blue October’s longtime TM joined the band on guitar to perform his personal favorite Blue October song, “Drop” off their second studio album, Consent To Treatment. Thanking him for his time with the band and expressing his love and gratitude to him before ending their set with “Leave It in the Dressing Room (Shake It Up)” which got the crowd’s energy up and giving it their all before the band exited the stage.

Opening the show was Blue October’s Keyboardist and Violinist, Ryan Delahoussaye (@TufStrings) as the original opener Matthew Mayfield was not able to perform due to his illness.  Delahoussaye’s performance was very elegant with the sweet and at times electrifying tones of his violin, mixing it with the keys making for a pleasant yet jammin’ 30 minute set that was definitley one to appreciate. Delahoussaye is a very talented multi-instrumentalist musician who can definitley grasp the attention of fans with his unique sounds from his blend of instruments which also make up a lot of Blue October’s unique sound on most of their material.

The connection that Blue October has with their fans is a force to be reckoned with, as you do not see it very often these days. I would highly recommend getting out to one of Blue October’s Heart Go Bang tour dates if you have the chance to when it comes through your city, and if it doesn’t make sure you travel to the closest show as it is very much worth traveling for. Blue October is electrifying to see live, puts on a very spiritual, soulful, organic, emotion rich, meaningful performance that you will leave craving to see again soon.

Check out our photographer, Andrew Wendowski‘s exclusive photo gallery from the show below:  


  1. Coal Makes Diamonds
  2. I Want It
  3. Say It
  4. What If We Could
  5. The Chills
  6. Been Down
  7. Home
  8. Driver
  9. Sway
  10. Debris
  11. Into the Ocean
  12. Heart Go Bang
  13. Houston Heights


  1. We Know Where You Go
  2. Fear
  3. Hate Me
  4. Drop
  5. Leave It in the Dressing Room (Shake It Up)
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