Blue October electrify The Trocadero with a very Blue set

Blue October brought their Sway Tour into Philadelphia, PA at The Trocadero Theater on November 14, 2014. Opening with the title track from new album Sway, They quickly moved into old favorites to warm up the crowd before slipping in new tracks. I didn’t realize what a huge fan base they had until I was tightly squeezed on the floor by an audience until realizing that the venue was filled near capacity and every single fan present was singing along even to the new songs. The whole place was fascinated by the charisma of front man Justin Furstenfeld, who’s voice is so compelling and the perfect melodies from the instruments only complimenting his voice more. Blue October is a band filled with much meaning and emotion within their music and they never fail to filled venues near or beyond capacity and the fans love and appreciate every second of it. Every person in that room enjoyed the intense emotion as he belted out his story in the form of song and sold it like it was pure gold. This guy is living his dream in a way few people do, coasting on a body of work based on sick relationships and being bipolar. The songs are relatable because everyone with a little life under their belt gets caught in the wheel of dysfunction now and then. Seven studio albums into a career, I finally see some emotional growth in the story. Reliving his emotional life experiences within songs with dark deep meaningful lyrics that express how he felt in certain life situations he was in. I think Blue October deserves more credit then they get as they put on a great show with great music. 

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