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Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus wants My Chemical Romance to make a New Album

Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus voiced his opinion on social media about My Chemical Romance‘s breakup, begging for a new album from the band. Hoppus believes that it has been long enough and that the world is in need of new music from My Chemical Romance.

The Blink 182 bassist voiced his feelings via a Tweet demanding that the platinum-selling band, My Chemical Romance, make a new record for their fans. According to Hoppus, they should “think of the kids” and get back into the studio again saying “enough farting around. time to get back in the studio.” Fans throughout the internet are praising Hoppus for this tweet, hoping for an MCR response.

My Chemical Romance announced their break-up back in March of 2013. Fans have since been anticipating a reunion over the years and has spiraled 2018 Warped Tour’s final cross-country trek Reunion rumors. Not to mention the numerous amount of rumors throughout the internet from fans as there was multiple sightings of the members hanging out together and with the band playing along with the rumors and making them viciously spread more, posting their 2008 concert, “The Black Parade Is Dead!” on their YouTube channel recently.

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