By this time the name Billie Eilish should already be on your music radar, as she is certainly starting off 2019 in a big way and kicking things into high gear. Even in the wake of her extreme rise to fame, Billie Eilish is an artist who truly appears to have her priorities in order.

Eilish has just uploaded a new version of her track “Wish You Were Gay” and has pledged her support to the fight against suicide among young LGBT individuals. In addition to this, Eilish is also donating part of the profits from her merchandising store to the NGO Trevor Project for a 48-hour period of time.

The organization was founded in 1998 and attempts to fight a true scourge among the younger generation: suicide among LGBT young people. Young LGBT people are reported to end their own lives more often than heterosexual people of the same age.

The track “Wish You Were Gay” is one of the songs which contributed to Billie Eilish’s popularity online. On this new upload, the arrangements and sound quality have both been improved. The lyrics of the track tell the story of a girl who refuses to accept that her love for a boy is not reciprocated. In response to her disappointment, she declares that she wishes he were gay so that she would feel better.

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