Billie Eilish Stuns Sold Out Crowd on 1 by 1 Tour in Philadelphia

Want to know how eager fans are to see Billie Eilish‘s mesmerizing live performance? Well, her show in Philadelphia on the 1 by 1 tour sold out in just under 3-minutes. Not shocking though as this is Eilish’s second sold out performance in Philadelphia this year, the first one being her ‘WHERES MY MIND’ tour which sold out in a few minutes as well but in a much smaller venue (Coda Nightclub), showcasing her rapid rise to the top. This 16-year-old singer, songwriter first made her name known in the music industry with her viral single “Ocean Eyes” which she wrote and released at the young age of just 13-years-old. The single has obtained over 144+ million streams on Spotify, and 38.1 million views on YouTube and continuously is brought up on the internet as it’s a smash, Not to mention Eilish’s 17.2 million monthly listeners count on Spotify. Eilish released her critically acclaimed debut EP, don’t smile at me, via Interscope Records in 2017, The EP bringing extraordinary amounts of fame and success to Eilish almost immediately with the catchy songs, emotion-filled creepy lyrics, and her larger than life, viral, talked about music video which accompany some of the songs. The EP brought out fan-favorite songs that are a hit live like “COPYCAT,” “Bellyache,” and her viral sensation, “Ocean Eyes.” More recently releasing hits like her now Platinum Khalid collaboration “lovely,” which appeared in the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack, along with singles “bitches broken hearts,” “you should see me in a crown,” and her latest song “when the party’s over.”

Eilish is only 16-years-old and selling out tours throughout the entire world with her angst, depression, heartbreak, and emotion-filled lyrics, and using her unique genre-defying sound and her unbelievably large vocal range to grasp the attention of sold out crowds everywhere with her breath-taking, force to be reckoned with energetic live performance. Immediately upon arriving to Philadelphia’s Union Transfer, fans were treated to Eilish’s older brother Finneas O’Connell, who assisted in the creation of Billie Eilish’s music as well but for this opening set he was showcasing his own music, with a very unique voice of his own and handling all of his instrumental duties as well as singing, O’Connell showcases his talents within his own 20-minute set with the anxious, excited crowd who cheered him on and even sung along to many of his original songs.

Eilish emerging to the stage at about 8:30pm to her song “My Boy” in Philadelphia, with a very cool stage setup, a massive lighting rig in the shape of a huge spider surrounding her band and filling the backdrop of the stage, that grasped the sold out crowds attention throughout the entire evening while Eilish used every ounce of energy that she had to give her fans an impeccable show, whilst showcasing her incredibly successful music to her very loyal fanbase who gifted her homemade art gifts during her performance including things like drawings of her, and a handmade jean jacket with her photo on the back of it. Not only did her fans showcase their creativity but that stage design and the music heard throughout the evening was showcasing the creativity behind Billie Eilish as well. Eilish’s stage presence is that of someone who has been out on the road for tens of years, however that is not the case for Eilish, she is just a naturally born talent born to be performing to sold out crowds on stage. What is incredible to see is that Eilish’s music has so much power, touching so many people, so quickly and that shined perfectly throughout her entire set.

Eilish bringing her own style along on this tour, which can be seen vibrantly throughout the crowd as they were wearing clothes similar to Eilish’s including baggy pants/shirts/hoodies, and neon colors which is different for a female singer within the music industry who seemingly feel the need to impress with their attire to fit within a certain box (which you should never feel like you have to do in either sex). Well, Eilish is the complete opposite and doesn’t sell herself based on a beautiful wardrobe but rather by using her powerful music to connect with her fans on a much deeper level. Eilish has her own sense of style and its very unique but we love it and so does her fans and it works very well for her and even fits with her unique vibe on stage. Eilish even seems to have a branded style for her band members as they wore some very detailed attire that read “billie” all over their pant and shirt suit.

Some highlights of Billie Eilish’s set would include moments like the one where her creative partner a.k.a. her guitar and brother Finneas joining her front and center on the stage for a dance routine. Her performance accompanied with a Ukulele to perform Drake’s “Hotline Bling” blending fabulously into her song “Party Favor.” Ending out her set with “Hostage” and our personal favorite “Bellyache” before returning to the stage for a 2-song encore which include a massive sing-a-long during her debut single “Ocean Eyes” and ending with a dance party during “COPYCAT.” I have never heard a crowd sing along to songs louder than I heard sing along to Eilish’s song during her entire set, not one silent moment even when there was a silent minute or two, fans could be heard screaming out ‘I Love You Billie’ showing their support of the very talented Eilish. We cannot wait to see where Eilish’s career goes after this 1 by 1 tour which has been what we think, one of the most talked about tours and artists in 2018 so far.

Check out some photos from the show below courtesy of @AWendowskiPhoto for @Interscope:


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