Billie Eilish’s contagious song “bad guy” is now even more contagious with an added verse in the new version of the song but the new verse is not from Eilish but from one of her idol’s Justin Bieber. Eilish is not ashamed to show her love for Bieber on social media and especially not after she met him earlier this summer at Coachella Music and Arts Festival after her performance at the festival.

The new song features Bieber on the track with a full verse and some ad libs of his added throughout the song and introduction as well. Bieber sings “Yeah, I’m a bad guy/Ain’t no holdin’ back guy/Come off like a mad guy/Always got your back guy. Yeah I’m the real type/Keep you full of thrills type/Show you what it feels like/Got an open invite.”

In the song audio file on YouTube, you can see a photo of a younger Billie Eilish with poster of Justin Bieber filling the walls behind her. I think this collaborative feature of Bieber on her track just fulfilled Eilish’s dream of collaborating with her childhood idol, Justin Bieber.

Listen to the new version of the song featuring Justin Bieber below:

YouTube video

Listen to “bad guy (with Justin Bieber)”:

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