Photos courtesy of Bif Naked / Feature image: Karolina Turek

Bif Naked Releases Music Video for “Jim”

Bif Naked is a Canadian punk rock icon, writer, cancer survivor, and humanitarian who’s back with a track that tells a universal tale, called “Jim.” This is the first single to be released from her forthcoming studio album CHAMPION. With lyrics like, “You never loved me Jim / You made a fool of me again, and again / You never told the truth / When I believed in you again, and again,” and “Fill me with rage / Fill my head with your lies,” you get a clear message about what the rock song is all about.

Whether Jim is the person’s name or not, we are sure he knows who he is.

“”Jim” is a song about loss. It’s about that disillusionment we all feel when someone turns into an imposter. “Jim” is the quintessential story of discovering a betrayal and Jim is that villain,” says Bif. “The song is totally about pain, and facing it head-on. With the video we really wanted to have a triumph over the pain, and take our power back. The running theme in the video, and the song lyrics, is about finding victory over heartache. The theme and aesthetic are striking and vibrantly colorful, and that was very deliberate and actually a tease, and a nod to the new album artwork itself.”

“The reverse concept was executed beautifully, and the whole video showcases all the expertise in its very stylistic aggression,” says Bif. “It’s a story being told that eventually reveals the truth. Like the truth being revealed that someone’s Jim is really their Judas all along.”

Bif Naked Releases Music Video for "Jim"
Photos courtesy of Bif Naked / Feature image: Karolina Turek


We aren’t surprised by her iconic storytelling, because for the entirety of her career, Bif has always shared her journey in a deeply personal way. She’s known for covering topics that allow her honesty to be a source of strength for her fans. As a cancer survivor, she also continues to advocate for other patients, volunteering weekly with vulnerable people. Spreading kindness and love, she speaks directly to health care professionals regarding patient advocacy and to patients and families who are surviving, living their lives to the fullest. “They are all my mentors. They inspire me,” says Bif.

With her heart on her sleeve, Bif is an unforgettable woman, performer, and activist. We are glad to have discovered such a talent, and we can’t wait to hear more of her new music to come off of her forthcoming album! You can also find some of her current tour dates below.

Watch the music video for “Jim”:


Feb 28 / Ridgeway ON, Sanctuary (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)

Feb 29 / London, ON, Aeolian Hall (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)

Mar 02 / Waterloo, ON, Maxwells (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)

Mar 03 / Collingwood, ON, Crow Bar & Variety (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)

Mar 04 / Peterborough, ON, Market Hall (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)

Mar 05 / Napanee, ON, Doghouse (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)

Mar 06 & 07 / Burnstown, ON, Neat (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)

Jul 25 / Brantford ON, Lions Park, WTFest (with Sugar Ray, Uncle Cracker)

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