Best Casino Songs of All-Time

Casino gambling has been trending globally since the 70s and still does today. And other entertainment sectors play a crucial role in making the industry what it is today, from popular television movies and songs about gambling. When it comes to casino gambling songs, the list is quite long as numerous musicians have set up their own records with classic soundtracks.

For any Canadian gambler, the feeling of listening to amazing casino songs while gambling brings the playing experience to another level. So, it’s likely that when you listen to this casino song about drinking and gambling, you won’t want to go a day without playing it.

The below list of best casino songs of all-time is evaluated based on the popularity of the music in the casino industry. Most of the songs are created by new artists, while others are from established musicians. However, who would bother checking whether songs about gambling lyrics are established or non-established artists, instead of its meaning.

Here are the best casino songs of all-time:

  • Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

The Gambler, which was produced by Kenny Rogers has been a leading soundtrack in the casino industry. After the release of the song in the 70s, the song has been among the trending casino themed songs. According to our lead man Lucas Goldberg, who’s an expert here, this song was among the best casino songs of all time because of its amazing lyrics.

Based on what was described by professional Canadian gamblers, they find this song’s lyrics motivational because of how it describes gambling. Even though Kenny Rogers is gone today, its legacy with these amazing songs makes it worthy of ranking among the casino songs of all time.

  • Aces of Spades – Motorhead

The amazing song Aces of Spades was released by the all-time favorite heavy metal band known as Motorhead in 1980. Among other songs from Motorhead, the Aces of Spades song increased their popularity around the world. As it was featured on almost all the casinos in Canada and other parts of the world. After the release, it didn’t take long before the song was added in the casino songs playlist to be featured on casinos like the Spin Casino Canada.

  • The Dealer – Stevie Nicks

The Dealer by Stevie Nicks is a 2014 song that has a lot relating to casino gambling. It’s among the top songs in the casino industry. The song was the first solo release of Stevie Nicks with a line the lyrics that goes like “It was my fault, my move, my game, if I did know a little more, I’d a run away”

The song track was written way back in 1979 but wasn’t produced immediately until 2014. The song lyrics were filled with information referring to the gambling of cards. In the video of the song, Nicks emulates the gambling environment, while holding cards and singing solo. So, as she looks like a card shark, trying to place a wager in a casino.

  • The Stranger Song – Leonard Cohen

The song of Leonard Cohen was released in 1967 by the Canadian Singer. The song attracted the attention of the best casinos in Canada because of its remarkable lyrics. Its lyrics go like “It’s true that all the men you knew were dealers who said they were through with dealing.” The blues songs about gambling by Leonard Cohen are all about gambling and especially poker.


There is tons of music in the casino industry. However, only a few of these songs are worth tagging as the best casino songs of all time. The above list of songs can easily be downloaded from Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon music.

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