Beneath The Skin – Memphis May Fire (Song Review)

Beneath the skin memphis may fire“Beneath The Skin” is the third single off of the upcoming album Unconditional from Memphis May Fire due out March 25, 2014, and is currently streaming on YouTube. This song is incredibly heavy, lyrically. As heavy of a theme it may be, it’s something all too common that kids today, young girls especially, deal with-bullying; be it about appearance, social status, or a plethora of other things. “Are they too cold, too numb to see the lifelong effects of the pain they inflict? Is our generation too blind to see true beauty lies beneath the skin?” It’s something that is happening seemingly more and more, and it also seems that more frequently we are losing amazing kids to this. Sometimes the bullies aren’t other people, the phrase ‘I’m my own worst enemy’ comes to mind. It also deals with another issue prevalent among teen girls (TRIGGER WARNING), cutting; “Crippled by the way they make her feel, she takes a look at her wrists & turns to the blade.It’s not a cry for attention if she just wants to feel anything other than the pain.” The sound overall, the tempo and rhythm goes perfectly with the message; it’s not slow and sad nor extremely fast paced, it’s almost, somewhere between sad and angry, sadness for the subject of the song and anger towards those who make her feel the way she does. It’s well thought out and rounded. As long as you’re not triggered by the content of the song I highly suggest giving it a listen.

Rating. 4.5/5: Have you ever had a song sock you right in the gut and make you keel over due to the accuracy of it in your life be it present or past? This was that song for me. I’m not going to go into my entire life story, because I’m past that part in my life now, but this hit me incredibly hard, and was probably one of the most difficult reviews I’ve written to date due to the content of the song and the relevance it held in my life many years ago. However that doesn’t mean I don’t see the meaning behind it, the message that’s portrayed. Sometimes I find myself asking myself ‘what the hell happened to my generation?’, and this song hits it on the head. Amazing song, amazing lyrical content, but potentially triggering to some people. Self-harm is a very serious issue. If your or someone you know currently, or you feel they do or might harm themselves, speak up! Tell a parent, a teacher, co-worker, or contact one of the many hotlines or websites out there that are here to help (1-800-DONT-CUT, 1-800-273-TALK, to chat anonymously). Refuse to become another statistic.

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