Belzebass – Welcome To Hell (Album Review)

Welcome to Hell will be the third release from Italian death metal turned “club core” duo Mr. K and Splattaboy, better known as Belzebass. The EP consists of 3 tracks; title track ‘Welcome to Hell’, ‘Back in Black’ (not and AC/DC cover or remix) and ‘Methematic’. The entirety of the EP has a very strong emphasis on the ‘horror’ scene; with fast and heavy bass, rough synths, and other nightmare inducing noises and voices this isn’t something I would recommend during bedtime. In comparison with past works, Under Torture and Rise of Brutality, Welcome to Hell is almost like Candy Land, you know if Candy Land was a horror flick. What it seemingly lack in ‘scaryness’ it makes up for in its production which improved from their last two releases. The only way to really describe it, as it’s all electronic and no actual lyrics, would be to think of some European slasher movie, you know-the unknowing, unrealistically attractive American tourist goes out with her other unrealistically attractive girl friend to come club which plays music in the same fashion as Belzebass, they get drugged and wake up fileted alive, tied to a chair, cut into little pieces human centipede-ed together, the usual. In its entirety Welcome to Hell gives off a creepy, haunting vibe, it’s heavy bass kicks you in the chest, and the synths and sound bites throw you off; it’s a very different sound from what is usually reported here at Music Mayhem, but they at least have one new fan here, if for no other reason than the incorporation of horror. Word to the wise: if your office is in a 100+ year old house and you’re alone most of your shift, this isn’t what you want to be listening to. I don’t scare that easily, but something about it was very unsettling (aka you guys did a damn good job and I need a new pair of pants).

Rating: 3.5/5- I’ve never been a huge fan of electronic, dance, ‘dubstep’ like music. But Belzebass combined my favorite things; horror and Italian men. I wasn’t sure of it as first, but the more I listened the more the EP grew on me. Even with my lack of talent in music production and dancing, I can tell you this EP kicks ass, and was featured on, which is my favorite TV/movie channel. If you haven’t picked up/ pre-ordered this EP already (depending where you live, it might be close to tomorrow in Italy, I don’t know the time difference) be sure to pick it up in iTunes for only $3.00 and check out their teaser trailer for the video for ‘Welcome to Hell’ on YouTube.


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