Bella DeNapoli; Photo Courtesy of NBC
Bella DeNapoli; Photo Courtesy of NBC

Bella DeNapoli Earns Spot On Team Ariana Grande With Stunning Rendition Of Massive Pop Hit On ‘The Voice’

Bella DeNapoli, a Long Island native, who impressed the coaches on NBC’s The Voice with a cover of a massive pop radio hit on Tuesday (Sept. 28) evening.

Sporting a camouflage beige pantsuit, DeNapoli put her stunning vocals on full display while putting a unique spin on Danity Kane’s hit single “Damaged.”

Watch the contestant’s soaring performance below.

DeNapoli’s effortless performance earned her a three-chair turn, including Ariana Grande, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson.

“That was such an interesting song choice,” Legend exclaimed, while Grande added, “what a fun arrangement.”

“I was like, I recognize this melody, but you created this whole new version of this song. You were doing really light, folky, singer/songwriter, and then you were the notes that these ladies are known for,” Legend said, referencing fellow coaches Clarkson and Grande. “You can do anything! I would love to coach you, Bella.”

“I felt like I could’ve been at your show because I didn’t know that song and the stuff you did in the beginning was so intricate but fluent and emotional, It had a lot of heart to it,” Clarkson said. “Strategically speaking, it’s really a good thing to be able to navigate all those little colors of your voice because each week you have to show them something different, and it’d be fun as hell to pick songs with you.”

“You are so good, you’re such a great singer, it’s great to have the ability to do a lot of different things with your voice and your tone started off a little bit more folky almost and then all of a sudden your tone switched into this goddess. Your control is great, your biggest moments or your loudest moments were super mixy and healthy and yummy, and I look for that. I love the different tools you have in your kit, so that you can look for a different place to implement them. I hope you choose me.”

Clarkson then questioned Shelton as to why he didn’t turn around for the contestant, which he admitted it was “challenging” for him, but he gave two reasons why he didn’t turn. 

“The first, it was challenging for me, I was trying to read the words you were spelling,” Shelton added. “And at one point I thought you were spelling the word damp and then all of a sudden it was like damaged part, and by then the song was ending. Listening to your voice, you seem within Ariana’s lane. For now, I’m staying out of this, I’m still trying to figure out why you spelled damn on national television.”

The aspiring singer was then faced with the difficult decision to choose a coach from the three that turned. 

“Holy Cannoli, this is crazy! This is a hard, hard decision,” the contestant admitted, before saying, “I have to go with my gut….”

The Long Island native was faced with the difficult decision to choose one of the three superstars as her coach and she ended up choosing Grande.

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