Beebs & Her Money Makers – Wurst Album Ever (Album Review)

Würst Album Ever is the third studio album from Beebs and Her Money Makers released May 27th, 2014 before the gang launched off onto the adventure of the Van’s Warped Tour!

The album is a catchy mix of ska and jazz; think if the ‘roaring 20’s’ took place in Cali in the 90’s. There’s trumpet solos, (I think it’s trumpets, I wasn’t in the band, I was in orchestra so I’m not sure what all those brass instruments sound like). It’s incredibly catchy, summer timey, and just flat out fun! ‘Out the Door’ was the first song I’d ever heard by this group of amazing folks, and it stuck with me ever since; obviously that song would stand out. The next was their cover of ‘Waterfalls’, it’s a little piece of my childhood, how could I not love it. Finally, ‘Jammin’ is just amazingly catchy, and one of the many songs on the album that I got stuck in my head for days on end, and proceeded to annoy my family and co-workers with.

Rating 5/5: All around a fantastic album! It’s pretty out of the norm from what I usually listen to. I’m glad I did though! Beebs and Her Money Makers are an amazing and talented group of folks, and I regret not seeing them on Warped! I can’t wait to see what they have in store!

Click below to check them out!

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