Born and raised in New York City, Bebe Rexha is no stranger to being on the top of the charts. In 2015, the singer released her first EP “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” following by her two-part EP release of, All Your Fault. Having collaborated and performed with the biggest names in the industry, Bebe Rexha beautifully showcases her tender, unique and charming vocals in her debut full length studio album, Expectations. The album was released today (June 22nd) via Warner Bros Records and has already went gold proving its destined to be a chart topper. 

“Ferrari” is the first song on the full length debut record and is the lead single released as promotion for the new album alongside her smash hit featuring Florida Georgia Line, “Meant to Be,” which has been sitting atop the country charts since its release. “Ferrari” begins with a unique guitar riff alongside the unique tone of Bebe Rexha. The rock influence can really be heard with the percussion and guitar soaked choruses. “Meant to Be”, on the other hand has a more pop feel with country influenced vocal vibes that starts off with piano melodies and pop beats. Being on the softer side, the collaboration with Florida Georgia Line is an excellent song to finish off the album.

Bebe’s emotionally poignant lyrics can be heard in songs like “I’m a Mess”. Not sugar coating any lyrics with the additional of some humor, Bebe sings “it’s going to be a good good life that’s what my therapists say”.The blend of hip-hop and pop melodies paired with Bebe’s unbelievably strong voice will be stuck in your head for days with the simple yet catchy lyrics in “2 Souls” featuring Quavo. The acoustic beginnings of “Shining Star” and “Knees” start things off right. “Shining Star” features audio of Bebe’s recording session. Bebe seriously delivers with her vocals and simplistic salsa-influenced background melodies. Despite the acoustic elements, “Knees” features a heavier pop influence. Asking to be freed from a relationship, the singer steals the show with her bubbly, persuasive and lusty voice. The explosive and catchy chorus of “I Got You” is incredibly infectious with its energy and is certainly a dance-friendly hit.

One of our personal favorites, the flirty vibes in “Self Control” paired with Bebe’s slightly raspy vocals are just irresistible. Despite the name of the song being “Sad”, the melodies are anything but that. Sounding slightly like a Diplo inspired song, the singer showcases her ability to vary between both, high and low vocals. Another one of our favorites on the record is the song, “Steady” which is sultry and very compelling. Beginning with soft piano melodies, Bebe begins with rap-like verses. The singers sexy voice paired with Tory Lanez guest vocals makes for a banger that will surely be a crowd favorite.

Despite the simplicity, Bebe Rexha finishes the album off strong with a variety of softer songs.  The piano and string elements beautifully complement the singers voice in both “Grace” and “Pillow”. Bebe proves that even with softer and simpler melodies, she’s able to produce a quality piece without having an extravagant production. Although lengthy, “Expectations” features some quality and heartfelt content in which gives listeners a sense of Bebe Rexha’s true self. Not failing to lose momentum, there is not one song on the album that isn’t captivating. Listeners can easily feel the emotion in Bebe Rexha’s voice. Authentic, genuine and straightforward, “Expectations” is a well rounded album and will will surely reach out and resonate with fans.

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Pick up Bebe Rexha’s debut album, Expectations, HERE

Music Mayhem Rating: 5 out of 5, One of the best albums to be released so far in 2018.

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