Beartooth – Disgusting (Album Review)

Beartooth Disgusting Album Review‘Disgusting’ is the debut album from hardcore-punk outfit Beartooth. The album was released June 9th in the UK and Europe and June 10th in the United States via Red Bull Records and streamed on the record label’s YouTube channel on June 6th. The entire record is the work of Caleb Shomo. Not only is he the frontman, he also produces and plays all instruments. Other members of the band are brought on for live performances, though it’s been rumored members are going to be “officially” brought on, that is still to be determined as true or false. There was only one single released; Beaten in Lips (May 13th) which we reviewed here at Music Mayhem and can been seen in our past issue. The entire feel of the album is raw and emotional. Shomo pours his heart and soul into ‘Disgusting’ and it truly shines through in every single track. There were two major standout tracks for me. Beaten in Lips; not just because it’s the single. It’s an amazing song with a powerful message, and it lets people know where to turn for help if or when they need it. The other is Sick and Disgusting; this track is so full of emotion it gives me chills, and chokes me up to even think about it. The pain in Shomo’s voice, the cries…there is no way even the best voice actor in the universe could fake that. It was also stated via a YouTube commenter that the track will not be played live due to the emotional toll it took on Shomo to record, and I don’t fault him at all for that. For the most part fans have been loving it; the emotion and rawness of the album. People like knowing they aren’t the only ones that feel a certain way and I think this album grasps that.

Rating: 5/5- Can I do like, more than that? Originally while I was listening to the album, yeah I liked it, I was going to give it a ⅘ or a 4.5/5, but then I heard Sick and Disgusting and I just…lost all ability to can. The album is titled Disgusting, but this albums sound is totally opposite of that, its Delicious! At first, I was okay, but once “Dad, I don’t wanna be sick and disgusting” and hearing the pain in Caleb’s voice and finally just hearing him essentially break down at the end…that did it for me. That pushed up and beyond all expectations I had for this album. Be sure to pick up their album and check them out on Vans Warped Tour!

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