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Baby Bash Gets Serious with “Trials of Gabriel”

Legendary Latin hip-hop artist Baby Bash is well known for his smoking party anthems and star-filled collaborations with artists including Jennifer LopezSean Kingston, T-Pain, Miguel, and Carlos Santana.

With “Trials of Gabriel,” Baby Bash, featuring Frankie J, turns a somber spotlight on the horrific death of eight-year old Gabriel Fernandez, a victim of child abuse perpetrated by his mother and her boyfriend, and the social service system that failed him.

Over an austere guitar driven track produced by Simes Carter, Bash’s plaintive refrain echoes loss and longing for change, for understanding, and for an end to the cycle of violence and institutional incompetence that took the life of an innocent child.  The soulful vocals of GRAMMY-nominated Frankie J provide powerful melodic and emotional counterpoints.

Baby Bash was inspired to create the song after viewing the Netflix documentary series, Trials of Gabriel Fernandez; a harrowing story that affected him deeply. “I paced around for a couple of days and wondered what I could do – should I donate money? Then I started singing the hook.”

Music produced by Simes Carter provided the ideal vehicle. “It’s perfect,” says Bash of the guitar-driven track. “The flow of the music, combined with Frankie J’s vocals help me to convey the emotions I felt as I was watching Gabriel’s story.”

Baby Bash intends to donate any profits from the track to a Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Organizations that help kids. “Having rough experiences as a youngster and being blessed with success in my adult life, I wanted to use my platform and resources to contribute to this cause,” he explains. He uses his art as the medium to share this vital narrative with his expansive audience and formidable social media following.

“The Trials of Gabriel” is a reminder that evil often exists right in front of us. While Baby Bash is well aware that change is incremental, he hopes that his song’s powerful message will help open listeners’ eyes to something that might be happening, and to encourage them to speak up and act. “I’d rather say something and be wrong,” he says, “than not say something and be right.”

“The Trials of Gabriel” is released on Trejo’s Music, a joint venture with Silent Giant Entertainment and BashTown Music.


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