Austin Burke and Lexy Burke
Austin Burke and Lexy Burke; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Austin Burke And Wife Lexy Tip $2,000 to 11 Person Staff at Olive Garden in Tennessee

Austin Burke and his wife Lexy Burke gave a generous tip to an 11-person wait staff at Olive Garden in Antioch, TN on Sunday (July 26) as part of the ‘tip challenge.’ This marks the couples 22nd recipient of a very generous tip from them and their followers.

The Burke’s, both whom have experience working in a restaurant and know how important a gratuity is to waiters and waitresses.

“So, I used to work in a restaurant and so did she, how many people [workers] we at? how many people?” explained Burke to the wait staff. An Olive Garden employee replied “11.”

“During quarantine, I got a TikTok like every bored person did and I started this thing once phase two happened called the Venmo challenge, so I had all of my followers Venmo me 50 cents or whatever they can so every weekend when we go out we can tip someone super well but we walked in here and every single person we’ve walked passed has been so kind. So we have 2 thousand dollars to tips you guys to split among all of yourselves.” said Burke’s wife Lexy as the employees clapped in appreciation before Lexy counted out the money to the manager for tipping to the staff.

“Thank you guys so much, this is not from me, this is from all of my followers, every single week they Venmo me and we pick a restaurant and we wanted to goto Olive Garden tonight cause you guys rock and we love it here,” Lexy gushed to the staff.

“This is from thousands of people doing 50 cents or a dollar, I know we get to be the lucky ones to give it but a lot of people love you and I know that the restaurant industry has been hit really hard and like I said I was in the restaurant industry and so was she and this is something that we wanted to do to give back to you guys for putting a smile on our face. So thank you so much,” Burke said to the staff in the social media video clip.

After the couple left Olive Garden and tipped the workers, Burke shared a video of the experience on social media which the below caption.

“Tonight we got to tip not one person, but an 11 person staff at Olive Garden,” Burke said in a social media post. “This dream that my beautiful wife had of giving back to an industry that has been hit hard has grown to something that doesn’t even seem real.”

“This is the 22nd of many incredible stories, but I just continue to be amazed at how good people are. Thousands of people give their hard earned money to see a smile on someone’s face,” he continued. “I know we’re hit with negativity all day, but take a moment to realize that there are good people in the world. This isn’t me, this isn’t Lexy. This is a movement of thousands and thousands of people who want to make the world a better place. One server said “Before y’all came in I was about to leave with $36.”

Burke’s wife Lexy also shared her joy of being able to do such a kind thing for the staff in a post.

“Tonight was special. We tipped an ENTIRE staff @olivegarden there were 11 on staff according to the GM!!! So so cool. Grateful for y’all!! Extra grateful for @austinburkemusic for being such a huge part.”

You can watch the whole thing unfold in the below video.

The couple has previously been seen being generous with Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks, Longhorn, Ninki Nashville and more. To be a apart of their generosity you can donate to her Venmo HERE: @lexy-Kadey

Austin Burke released his latest single “Young Love” about a month ago, you can check that out HERE.

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