August Burns Red Celebrate 10 Years of Constellations in Fort Lauderdale

Not often do Wednesday night concerts pull a large crowd but that wasn’t the case when August Burns Red came to Fort Lauderdale with Canadian rockers Silverstein and Silent Plant, who paid their very first visit to South Florida according to Garret, their vocalist.

An at capacity Revolution Live was ready to rock as Silent Planet hammered through their inspired and atmospheric take on metalcore. As someone unfamiliar with their music I was unsure of what to expect, but they were killer start to finish. About three or four songs in Garret took a minute to inform the crowd that earlier that day he had to go to the hospital but wasn’t going to let that stop him from giving his all and that was the rally cry the shoulder to shoulder crowd needed to really just embrace the intense sound washing over them.

Then came one of my favorite bands, the reigning Canucks of post-hardcore, Silverstein. Now, full disclosure, they were definitely the number one priority for me at this concert and I think I traveled back 15 years the second they started. I was surprised at how few throwbacks and old hits they played though as the focused on songs from there last three albums (the three with the current line-up) but the thing is, those three albums tour some of their best songs. Even ripping through a b-side “I Will Illuminate,” Silverstein drew in the crowd. Still making sure to kill the classics with “Smashed into Pieces,” “Smile in Your Sleep” and “My Heroine,” Shane commanded the stage so well that you may not have even noticed that he was sporting a brand new sling around his arm from their travels. Banged up a little bit, he still hit everything with a genuine gusto that has become synonymous with a Silverstein performance. By the time they ended with “The Afterglow,” the crowd was ready for August Burns Red.

Even though the changeover was rather quick, the anticipation was mounting and was ready to explode as seminal metalcore king’s ABR strolled onto stage and perfectly traced their way through Constellations. An album that defined the genre for many and holds a strong place in the heart of the majority of attendees, the way that the Pennsylvania Quintet nailed the performance reinforced their status as one of rocks most consistent and killer acts. After Constellations came a handful of other songs including “Ghost,” “Composure,” and others. The band even brought a stellar production for this tour with impeccable lights by SqueekLights, making for some amazing visuals. By the time the last note was ringing, ABR stood looking out at an audience drenched in sweat, filled with new memories, as kings of the world. Deservedly so.

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