Attorney Dan Newlin Presents Global Superstar Pitbull and World-Famous Artist Nacho for a FREE Concert, Honoring A National Hero, Orlando Police Officer Kevin Valencia.

Attorney Dan Newlin Presents Global Superstar Pitbull and World Famous Artist Nacho for a FREE Concert, Honoring A National Hero, Orlando Police Officer Kevin Valencia

Florida Attorney Dan Newlin’s free community concert starring Global Superstar Pitbull, Nacho, and DJ Vice is now only days away.  If you have not seen or heard about Attorney Dan Newlin’sfree community concert on one of the thousands of TV ads, morning radio DJ shows talking about it for a month, or the many billboards throughout Central Florida, then you might be living under a shell. Attorney Dan Newlin has blasted the TV airwaves, radio airwaves and social media channels to let all Central Florida residents know they can come out and enjoy a great night of free entertainment, all in honor of Orlando Police Officer Kevin Valencia and his family.

Mr. Newlin stated recently, “Between concert tickets and parking costs, the cost of taking your girlfriend, wife, or family to a concert is simply not affordable to many families. I remember when I was a teenager I really wanted to see Lionel Richie in concert. My father, a steelworker, told me that it was just too expensive. Later that year, REO Speedwagon came to town for a local festival and played for free. It was intense, and it was free. I was first in line with my dad, and we had a great time and, today, it is a lasting memory.  I am really excited, knowing that so many families and fans of Global Superstar Pitbull, Nacho, and DJ Vice will be able to enjoy a fabulous night of live music for free. What better way to give back in honor of Orlando Police Officer Kevin Valencia.”

Adding an Additional Element of Community to the Concert 

This year Attorney Dan Newlin is producing the concert in honor of Officer Kevin Valencia of the Orlando Police Department. Officer Valencia was born in Cali, Colombia but raised in Florida by his parents. He later went on to serve in the U.S Army National Guard and later joined the Orlando Police Department where he served as a patrol officer.  On June 10th, Officer Valencia was dispatched to an emergency call involving a domestic disturbance. While trying to make contact with the residents at the home, Officer Valencia was ambushed and shot in the face.  Officer Valencia sustained a serious brain injury as a result of this shooting and has undergone multiple surgeries and remains in a coma today.

Mr. Newlin said, “When this shooting first happened, we were asked to help with a small donation, of course, we helped. There was a lot of news coverage for months, but things slowly dropped off, and you did not hear much about Officer Valencia any longer. Then, one day a few months ago, I was reading the paper online, and there was a small article maybe a few sentences with the title: Officer Comes Home. The article was on page six of the paper and said that Officer Valencia was moved to a new medical facility near Orlando.” Attorney Newlin continued, “I thought ‘How can this be? How can this man – a hero – still in a coma, be a back-page news story? That is so wrong. That is when it hit me to reach out to Orange County Sheriff Mina, Orlando Police Chief Colon, and Mrs. Valencia to see if we could turn this back-page story into a front-page story again for life. When I met with Mrs. Valencia, I knew instantly we had to do something spectacular to help keep Officer Valencia’s story front and center forever. Awareness brings support and hope. I also knew that I had to work behind the scenes to help raise money, so Mrs. Valencia could have the additional monetary resources to best care for her husband.” Newlin said he did not want people attending the concert to give any money but only bring their love and support. According to Mr. Newlin, he and his law firm have personally knocked down doors raising money to help the Valencia family, which will be given to the Valencia family the night of the concert.  Attorney Dan Newlin said, “My goal was to do great for Mrs. Valencia and her family, and I am going to do just that, better then great, no one deserves it more!”

Finally, Newlin reminds all to arrive at the Central Florida Fairgrounds early on June 1st. “Bring the family, bring your friends, bring your neighbors, and enjoy what will be an amazing spectacular free night of Grammy-winning artists and live music. I’ll see all of you at the concert,” says Attorney Dan Newlin.

Read more about Officer Valencia’s story here:

More information about the free concert can be found here:

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