Attila – Guilty Pleasure (Album Review)

Guilty Pleasure is the 6th full length album from Georgia death core outfit Attila. The album was released November 24, 2014 under Artery Records and also via Attila’s YouTube Vevo channel on November 21, 2014. There were two singles released; “Proving Grounds” released October 20, 2014 and “Horsepig” released November 8, 2014. Fan reception has been as expected for Attila. They’re a band that people love to hate and hate to love. I’ve never seen a band get so much shit talked about it as a do Attila (with the exception of Nickleback obviously).

There were a few stand out tracks on this album. Some for good reasons, other not so much. The first is “Proving Grounds”, it is basically a train wreck of a song. My boyfriend described it as “it sounds like ICP had sex with Twiztid and their baby tried to make a metal core album.” Harsh? Maybe. The next track that stood out was “Pizza, Sex, and Trolls”, it’s just a funny title and the lyrics are so ridiculous. And finally, “Dirty Dirty”. The lyrics “I just wanna drink beer and smoke weed with my friends” is so relatable. If I had that option, I’d go for it in a heartbeat. And “I wanna see some tits.” Seriously who doesn’t want to see tits?

Rating 4.5/5-  It’s not really that bad of an album. Instrumentally it sounds amazing. Lyrically it’s a little repetitive, but you can’t fault them for sticking to one subject. I’ve said many times I’m not a huge Attila fan, but after listening to this album I think they’ve begun to grow on me ALOT. Some songs do suck, but all in all the album is pretty amazing!

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