ATTILA frontman Fronzilla canceled their Las Vegas Hard Rock Live show abruptly and posted a Tweet lastnight (Aug. 22nd) that said “Just had to fight security again god damn……. shows over…. Videos coming soon…,, Sorry Las Vegas.” Video has since surfaced all over the internet of the ATTILA frontman punching a security guard in the back of the head after he said “We’re never playing Vegas again. you lost this shit because of your bullshit security motherfuckers.” Claiming that security was “choking” their fans, as the video continues Fronz can be seen throwing his microphone stand and the mic itself into the barricaded area where security guards were standing.

Watch the fan recorded video of the situation below:

Here is another angle of the fight from Soundlink Magazine captured by concertgoer Enrique Soto:

YouTube video

Fronzilla took to Twitter after the show to elaborate on the situation, saying, “I’m fucking SHAKING. FUCK disrespectful security. I will FIGHT YOU. GOOD VIBES ONLY.” Continuing to post “So sorry we had to cancel the show… You guys were the best crowd. Your security total pieces of shit hurting our fans and disrespecting them. I don’t stand for that shit… I will FIGHT for our fucking fans.” He then posted a bit later saying, “Cops are after me now…….” and “bye.”

The band is currently out on their ‘Rage Fest Tour,’ you can check out the remaining tour dates for the tour, HERE.

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