Attila Photo By: Andrew Wendowski | Senses Fail Photo By: David Melendez
Attila Photo By: Andrew Wendowski | Senses Fail Photo By: David Melendez

ATTILA Frontman Fronz Fires Back at Senses Fail over Reignited Warped Tour Beef

Earlier today (Feb. 6th), Senses Fail reignited the flame to their Vans Warped Tour beef with Attila from 2015, the beef starting from a Tweet from a fan who said that Attila frontman Chris ‘Fronz’ Fronzak made homophobic banter on their 2015 stint of the Vans Warped Tour.

Back in 2015, Chris Fronzak and Buddy Nielsen had a feud from “homophobic” comments that Fronz was said to have made on stage during Attila’s 2015 Warped Tour performances, Nielsen commented on them publicly on stage and on Twitter which nearly ended in a public fist fight at Warped Tour which was publicized by both Fronz and Nielsen via Tweets. You can see their correspondence from that day, HERE.

Well today, the spark that reignited the beef was by a tweet from Twitter user @Whisk3y_John who brought up the 2015 controversy saying “While everyone at home is stoked on watching senses fail, I’ll gladly remind you that their frontman unsolicitedly decided to call some of my closest friends rapists and rape culture enthusiasts in front of an entire warped crowd. Fuck them forever.”

After that Tweet was sent, Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen was quick to reply to the comment asking “is Attila even a band anymore?” Saying that they only ever accused Attila of using homophobic slurs on stage in 2015. Nielsen continued in the quoted-tweet saying, ““I have a daughter and if she ever looks this up I want her to be proud that her Dad called out a trash band and trash people like Attila. Thanks for helping me remember. I forgot about how gross your bois are.” Nielsen said “We never accused them of rape. We accused them of being morons and using the word faggot. Stop spreading bullshit. Also this was like so long ago. Is Atilla even a band anymore?”

Then Fronzilla, frontman of Attila seen and read the Tweets from Senses Fail and their fellow tour mate who Tweeted about Senses Fail. Fronz replying with a quoted tweet saying “Lolololol the real question is how is Senses Fail still a band? They literally played for 10 people a day on Warped Tour does anybody actually give a fuck to hear a grown man whine and cry on stage?” to another fan who @ replied Fronz and Attila saying, “Hey @FRONZ1LLA you see senses fail didnt know @ATTILAga is still a band? They must be very lost” Then posting an additional Tweet saying, “I loved senses fail growing up. I listened to them a shitload when I was 12. Then we toured together. Buddy was upset about my lyrics and wanted to meet me which I gladly did. We had a great conversation and hugged. Then he started talking shit about me on stage for a whole tour.”


We will continue updating this as the story develops…

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