Asylus Release Aggressive New Single “The Wave” on Nov. 26th

After a year of refining their sound and collaborating with producers like Josh Lopez (Immortal Guardian) and Kris Crummett (ISSUES, Sleeping With Sirens), Asylus has returned with their aggressive new single “The Wave.”

By layering metal undertones with emotional lyrics like, “Don’t wake me up / I will break / Don’t wake me up / Your defiance made the tide a wave,” and “Man the greatest of divines wouldn’t gift this / Your worst enemies wouldn’t even wish this slit wrist,” Asylus talks about the truth of how society is oppressing a lot of skilled and talented people through cliques, ridicule, and different social statuses.

The band captures that oppression and talks about how all of this negativity in music can effect someone who’s being made fun of, casted out, or neglected. “The Wave” is a song for anyone who is speaking up or fighting back after being pushed away for being different. It’s a song about believing in yourself and what you’re doing.

According Davon Harper, vocalist of Asylus, “The Wave” is an alarm for people to be careful who they push around, because “one person standing up against injustice starts the tide, but a group of people standing up to injustice makes a wave.”

“From the start, I wanted this song to be the anthem for people who felt like they were the outcasts to the society they lived in today,” says Davon. “Growing up I was always one to fight against bullying. I’ve found that most people get pushed out of these cliques because they were different. They always end up finding someone who has similar interests, who was also pushed away and made an outcast from the normal crowds in their everyday life.”

”Everyone finds hope in knowing that no matter what they are going through or how they feel, there’s someone out there who feels or is going through a very similar thing,” Davon shares. “Ever since the beginning, Asylus has been an idea where people could come be 100% themselves and find similar people who were like them! This song is an anthem to give hope to those who feel like they don’t have a home.”

“The Wave” comes out on November 26th, you can pre-save “The Wave” on Spotify right now! By pre-saving, you’re automatically entered for a chance to win $100 and an Asylus merch bundle!


The band’s new single “The Wave” will be released on November 26th in support of their winter shows! See the winter show dates below:

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