Asking Alexandria, Emmure, The Word Alive and more React to Attila’s “Callout 2”

ATTILA recently released their controversial “Callout 2” which is the followup sequel to their single “Callout” off their fifth studio album, About That Life. The song made its waves throughout the internet almost immediately getting reactions from other bands/artists mentioned on the track. Within “Callout 2,” Fronz called out about 50+ people including Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop, ex-Asking Alexandria replacement frontman Denis Stoff, Emmure’s frontman Frankie Palmeri, and several other notable band members and public figures.

With a controversial song such as this one, it is guaranteed to come with some repercussions or reactions, which it did just that from several of the people called out. Fronz says “F-CK” 48 times throughout the single “Callout 2.”


See a full list of responses below:

Every Time I Die‘s Steve Micciche seemingly on Attila’s song with the song responding to the song via Twitter saying “YES!!!!”

I Prevail‘s frontman Eric Vanlerberghe tweeting “I let you talk shit for far too long. This has crossed the line,” in response to Fronz’ tweet saying “I love pineapple and I love pizza. But together….. fuck that shit!!!!! No one wants a god damn pineapple on a fucking pizza.”

Emmure‘s frontman Frankie Palmeri responded via Twitter saying, “Y r u so scared to @ me bro?!  The rest of my band ain’t who you’re salty about…c’mon sen..” then getting a response from Fronz’ with Fronz’ saying, “You’re absolutely right. I LOVE your band and every member past/present. You’re the arrogant fucktard (in real life). Why didn’t I @ you in the song? Dawg come’ on…. no one knows who tf you are.” Palmeri then replying to Fronz’ saying, “I really don’t have the energy to beef with @FRONZ1LLA – Unfortunately, I inadvertently gave birth to his entire persona and image, anyone with half a brain knows this. Its funny for him to say “no one knows you” but uses my band to chase some internet clout and feed his kids” Palmeri also tweeting Fronz mentioning his attire on previous tours, saying “I gotta admit Fronzy, you pull off the Frankie Palmeri look even better than I did..” Palmeri also saying, “Thanks for the shout out bud – I could of helped you at least write a scathing subliminal or something! @FRONZ1LLA – You also might be the first person in history to ever use the word ‘EMMURE’ in a song .”

The bassist (Travis Hufton) for Sylar replied to the song on Twitter saying, “At the airport it’s not only acceptable but almost 100% mandatory, I back it for sure.”

The Word Alive frontman Telle Smith replied to the single laughing about the lyric “Fuck a stingray” saying “Fuck a stingray though…

A band member from Volumes replied to “Callout 2” on Twitter saying “YO @FRONZ1LLA I FEEL U ON PULL OUT GAME STRONG BUT MY G YOU GOT 2 KIDS.

Cane Hill‘s guitarist said on Twitter, “I feel left out.”

Youtuber, Johnnie Guilbert said “Where the f-ck am I 🙁 Fronz give me an L please.”

Asking Alexandria frontman, Danny Worsnop took to Twitter to say “You make me chuckle Christopher” but the tweet has since been deleted.

Asking Alexandria‘s lead guitarist, Benjamin Bruce tweeted on Twitter subliminally stating, We don’t need to write a “call out” song. We don’t need to make up stories. We write real songs that resonate. We have progressed and moved on. And we are beyond proud to be part of your lives. Here is to the next 10 years.

Check out Fronz’ explanation on why he called people out:

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