Singer/songwriter Ashley Cooke is taking the Country music world by storm.

Earlier this year Cooke released “Under” and “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night.” And now she is giving her listeners the single they have been craving and waiting for, “Already Drank That Beer.”

“I’ve been in the relationship with the highest highs and lowest lows,” Cooke told Music Mayhem of the new single. “I’ve had that ‘well, just one last time…’ conversation, I’ve had to make that call of ‘we’ve been here before, nothing will change.’ And this song hit me so hard because it verbalized all of those emotions and made me feel a little more understood.”

Earlier this year, Cooke took part in a first time collaboration with her good friend Roman Alexander. She featured on a revamped version of his fan-favorite and chart-climbing single, “Between You & Me.”

“He said he felt like there was a female narrative missing from the story,” Cooke shared. “So, he called us and it was a no brainer. It’s been really fun to see our version grow some wings – people sing along at every show!”

This September Cooke will hit the road as direct support on Breland’s Cross Country Tour, which will mark her first-ever tour. The rising star also told Music Mayhem that there could be a bigger projects in the works, which could mean even more new music by the start of her first tour date at Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Cooke recently caught up with Music Mayhem to talk about her latest single “Already Drank That Beer,” her growing fanbase on TikTok (645.4k & counting followers), her duet with Roman Alexander, heading out on tour with BRELAND and more.

Continue reading to learn more about everything Cooke has been up to.

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You’ve released several singles over the course of the last year after finding viral success on TikTok, all of which have climbed the iTunes charts, now you are gearing up to release “Already Drank That Beer,” which quickly went viral amassing over 1.6 million views in just 2 days. Can you tell us how it feels to know your songs resonate with fans so much and so quickly?

You know it’s funny, you never know what music is going to resonate with people. All I can do is write and pick songs that hit me and hope it hits someone else as well. I didn’t write “Already Drank That Beer,” but I think that’s a big part of why I knew I had to cut it. I got to listen as a consumer for the first time because I wasn’t in that room when it was written. I gotta have that moment of “wow, that line hits hard” and really put myself in fans’ shoes. Knowing THAT many people have that same feeling is truly incredible and I’m just happy I get to put their emotions to music.

Can you tell us the story behind your new single “Already Drank That Beer”?

“Already Drank That Beer” is an artistic way of saying, “we’ve been here and done that.” I’ve been in relationships with the highest highs and lowest lows, I’ve had that “well, just one last time…” conversation, I’ve had to make that call of “we’ve been here before, nothing will change.” And this song hit me so hard because it verbalized all of those emotions and made me feel a little more understood.

With TikTok being a driving force in the music industry lately, How important do you feel TikTok is today in helping artists have their music heard?

I’m a big believer in “if that music is meant to translate, it will regardless of the platform.” TikTok has been an incredible resource for so many artists and is truly an incredible platform because of the unique algorithm where any user has the ability to go “viral.” It’s been really cool getting to see so many friends have a moment on the app that led to a hit radio song or massive record deals – it really is enabling young artist’s careers.

How would you say your music has grown since releasing your first song on TikTok?

I’ve gotten to meet and collaborate with so many people in the last few months – different genres, on different continents, with different backgrounds and stories. All of which has influenced the growth of my music/artistry. Releasing music/surveying my social media following about new songs has also taught me what my audience likes and what they tend to relate to – which is usually what I relate to!

What has been your favorite TikTok trend so far and why?

Man, I’ve loved a lot of trends but I’d say my favorite one so far is the ‘Lay Me Down” singing challenge just because it was my first ever video and it went viral! So, maybe a little biased haha. Also, I loved this trend that was happening recently that was all about body positivity (what’s the strongest part of your body, the most important, etc.).

How did your “Between You & Me” duet with Roman Alexander come about? We’ve been loving it!

So Roman and I had been friends for a long time – running in the same Nashville friend circles but hadn’t collaborated or written together before. He released the original version of the song and got a lot of great traction, but he said he felt like there was a female narrative missing from the story. So, he called us and it was a no brainer. It’s been really fun to see our version grow some wings – people sing along at every show!

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Will all these new singles appear on a forthcoming debut EP/album coming in the near future? Are you working on a full project?

I sure am! It’s funny because we originally were just going to do a few songs but then everyone on social media kept saying they wanted a project from me and I just couldn’t stop writing so – something is coming very soon!

I know you’ve mentioned having a dream to make your Opry debut, and while you haven’t yet done that, you did get a chance to film some content on the Opry stage. How did that feel?

There’s something about that room, man. I had never stepped into the building before we went to film some 615 House content and I made a point to take a moment in between takes to just – be there. There was a moment when everyone had gone back to the green rooms and I lingered back for a few minutes and looked at all the empty seats thinking, “I will play for this full room someday, manifesting it now.” I refused to step in the circle because I’m saving it for my debut! For real, there is something genuinely magical about that venue and I respect the hell out of it. I can’t wait until that day comes.

Who are a few Opry members that you look up to and inspire to be like?

Rascal Flatts has always been a massive inspiration of mine – the way their lyrics tell stories and hit you right in the gut. I also love Luke Combs’ story and somehow relate to it because he grew a following on Vine before really breaking into the country scene. I will forever look up to Garth Brooks, I’ve watched his documentary so many times – that man just gets how to play for a room of 5 people or a room of 50,000 people and make it feel no different.

Later this year, you will be hitting the road on your first tour with BRELAND. Can you tell us what fans can expect from that tour and what you are most looking forward to? We will definitely be checking out that show in Philadelphia!

I’m so excited! This is my first ever tour and I cannot wait to simply get my feet on some new stages in front of some new humans. I can’t wait to finally meet so many of the people that have followed me on social media for the last year!

Let’s end with a fun question, if you could duet with any country superstar, who would you choose and why?

This is such a hard question because there are so many. Kenny Chesney because I’ve always fangirled over his music and I’m from Florida so I love his island vibe. Thomas Rhett because I truly love what he stands for and think he’s such an incredible role model – not to mention his music is unreal. Sam Hunt because he always pushes boundaries in music. Rascal Flatts because I grew up obsessing over their harmonies/lyrics and I’d kill to do a duet with those big group harmonies – chills just thinking about it. I’m too indecisive haha!

What’s next for Ashley in 2021?

Between brand new music, touring, recording more, continuing to get to know new friends/fans on social media… It’s going to be a busy year!

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