Are Twenty One Pilots Releasing New Music?

So, Fans are freaking out throughout the internet and posting their speculations throughout social media especially on YouTube and Twitter. You can read fans speculations below with tons of what seems to all connect the dots to Twenty One Pilots releasing new music possibly tomorrow. This is just fans speculation.

Speculation via Reddit posts:

  • On Tyler’s last instagram post he leaves it with forty dots then the “|-/”. People realized that 40 weeks after July 7th is April 13th 2018.
  • In the cancer music video (in which has a lot of hints that seem to be about their break) it has a bunch of the book “1984” a lot of which with an eye as the cover (you know what that is already). the first words of the book are “It was a cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”
  • We shouldn’t theorize around Jenna because she is a genuine person living her genuine life, but she has posted some interesting things, including a sweatshirt that has an F and a 13. Many see it as Friday, April 13th.
  • An account that twenty one pilots retweeted several times was counting down till blurryface and as a joke tweeted “-533” because it was 533 days since blurryface was released. 533 days later is April 13th 2018.
  • At firefly festival, their last show outside of tour de Columbus, they projected a little video showing the destruction of Coachella. although it was just a little joke, Coachella starts on Friday April 13th this year. it could have been the smallest little hint that people wouldn’t of caught on to.
  • The bands profile photo which initially was a black photo with a solid white stripe in the center, and throughout the day the profile photo has been secretly updating with white specks throughout the photo.

Read more at [REDDIT POST #1] & [REDDIT POST #2]

Youtuber made a video with more speculation:

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