Arden and the Wolves Release Music Video for “Another Year of Rain”

Arden and the Wolves (Arden Leigh) is a female-led rock band who was born in the underground art world of downtown New York City, and was raised in the darkwave music and occult scenes of Los Angeles. Arden is also the mastermind behind The Re-Patterning Project, which is a course in understanding the human operating system and how to re-pattern trauma imprints and social conditioning in order to achieve creative freedom.

As a spiritual practitioner, Arden is aware that songs can function as intentional pieces of narrative magic. Based off of where she’s from and her beliefs, both factors strongly show in her music and artistic creations, such as the songwriting and dancing for her newest track and music video for “Another Year of Rain.”

“Another Year of Rain” is just 1 of the 5 songs that are featured on her EP, Who Can You Trust. As we mentioned already, Arden is a very spiritual person, so her whole EP is a detailed journey about how to heal from trauma. With lyrics like, “I’m not your b*tch / I’m not your muse / I’m not a secret you can keep,” and “Now did you really think this through? / That you could wave your magic wand, and baby I’ll give into you,” the song expresses how someone should never let themselves get taken advantage, no matter how much they feel that they love them.

To help conceive a powerful narrative, Arden teamed up with tribal fusion belly dancer, Giulio Dilemmi. She wanted to move on from the simplistic villain/victim stereotype and explore the nuances of complicity and the romanticization of certain types of harm in relationship as passion for this video instead. And if you watch the music video for “Another Year of Rain,” that’s exactly what Giulio beautifully helped her do. Arden is aware that the video can be tough to watch depending on your personal experience on the topic, so she encourages you take care of yourself while viewing.

“I wanted to show how sometimes it’s hard to find where the line is when two people are willingly engaged in playing out a mutual narrative, and also to highlight the chemistry or genuine love that people might feel toward each other even when engaging in behavioral patterns that are destructive to their own relationship,” says Arden. “All things that make it difficult for us to see clearly when we’re so entangled.”

If you love bands like The Pretty Reckless, The Pretenders, Halestorm, and Evanescence, we think you’ll love Arden and the Wolves’ music.

You can stream the full Who Can You Trust EP on Spotify.

Watch the music video for “Another Year Of Rain” below:

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