Aradia Releases Lyric Video for “No One Can Stop You”

Aradia is a Brooklyn-based alternative pop/electropop artist who is often compared to female artists like Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine, Lily Allen, and Lauren Mayberry from CHVRCHES. Although compared to these three talented ladies, Aradia artfully blends genres to create something unique. She even composes and produces her own music!

With lyrics like, “It’s different for us / No longer second class / No longer beauties that let ourselves be used / We got the power / And we can use it too,” in her new single “No One Can Stop You,” Aradia wants to inspire listeners to break through barriers.

“It’s just time – time for women and girls to rise and shine, not in a “fight” against society, but as an example of what empowerment looks like, and what mutual respect and connection looks like,” she says. “I want my music to be an inspiration for listeners, a beacon of hope that changes your mood if you’re in a bad one and gets you out of your head and into the world.”


Aradia didn’t just randomly want to do music out of nowhere. Her talent was born from a lifetime of studying and performing music, while being enrolled in places like the Aaron Copland School of Music. She eventually dropped out of conservatory and began to make music on her own terms. That meant lots of practice playing her guitar, and a lot of singing in bands while working to get her solo career kicked off. She even traveled to Seattle and Los Angeles in search of expanding her craft, but ended up back in NYC.

It clearly is paying off, because we now have discovered Aradia. Both her first full-length album, Citizen of Earth, and her 2017 single “CEO” got recognition from college radio and blogs. Her newest single, “No One Can Stop You,” is just a taste of the new album she is working on.

Watch the lyric video for “No One Can Stop You” below:


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