Apache Rose Release “Tiny Love”

Apache Rose is an indie-rock band from Moscow, Russia, who recently released their newest single, “Tiny Love.” With lyrics like, “My tiny is love, is not loud enough“ and Get it, let it / Let it shine,” the track is about being angry and frustrated when everything you do isn’t enough, but despite that, you don’t give up. Listening to the song, you explore the feeling of failure and perseverance.


Unlike other rock bands in Moscow, Apache Rose aims primarily at English speaking countries. They speak fluently in English and have found success going this route. After all, we are in the United States and we are listening to this song as we type this… so… it’s clearly working!

It truly did pay off though. “Tiny Love” began getting picked up by Spotify playlists and the band has already built a small but growing following in the United States, mostly on Facebook and SoundCloud so far. It’s amazing how powerful the internet can be, right?

Apache Rose’s music is written and produced by Ilya Novokhatskiy, along with a rotating cast of supporting musicians. Ilya spent time in the US as a child, which is how and where he fell in love with American and British rock music.

That’s where that 90’s rock vibe comes from when you listen to this song!

According to an interview with Gig Radar, Ilya said that band always writes their music first, and then the lyrics. Their reason for this is so that the music can provide an emotional fuel for lyric-writing. “Often words just come out of my mouth being driven my the song,” says Ilya. “The first lines of “Tiny Love” are “My tiny love is not loud enough,” is actually a reference to Soundgarden’s song “Loud Love” and the Stone Temple Pilots album Tiny Music. That’s the 90-s channeling through me.”

Listen to “Tiny Love” below:

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