An Old Friend Release Music Video for “Nesting”

An Old Friend (Eddy Barrera – guitar/vocals, Cory Brown – bass, Cody Kohler – vocals/guitar, and Frank Facompre – drums) is an band from Long Island, NY with the presence of a world-class act that proudly takes inspiration from the punk, hardcore, and emo tradition that their region is famous for.

The band isn’t the type to grandstand, because their goal is for people to notice their music solely based on their talent. Songs by An Old Friend are always melodically and rhythmically inventive, so they’ll take you by the hand and lead you along uncharted roads.

Their newest song, “Nesting,” demonstrates that they’ve developed a style all their own. According to Cody Kohler, “Nesting” is really open to interpretation. “The lyrics portray the theme of inner struggle, inner confusion, re-occurring insecurities, and facing those battles head on.”

“For example, the lyrics, “Burdened by the mirrors that show us who we are / We’re merely a reflection of what’s felt inside our hearts,” are rather clear. What we carry in our hearts, what we feel, our daily thoughts, and interpersonal conversations are reflected heavily to the outside world one way or another. This leaves it imperative to communicate these burdens, seek help, confide in a friend, loved one, and/or family member. This is a step to facing whatever struggle we are battling inward, head on.“


In the music video for “Nesting,” the band is in a house that is haunted. Within the video, the occupant is chased into the forest by the specters who lurk behind every doorjamb. Finally, he’s cornered in a copse, and there, he’s forced to confront the truth about his fears.

“You’ll see the story shows an individual wandering about, constantly seeing a masked figure. At first scared, the main character eventually becomes intrigued, chasing the masked figure until he is led into the woods, which is where he loses sight of the masked figure only to find a group of similar masked figures becoming present behind him as he ends up deeper in the woods,” says Cody Kohler.

“Frightened, he manages to escape the group only to end up face to face with the original masked figure, which once unmasked, it turns out to be himself. So long story short, metaphorically the main character is forced to face himself upon dealing with his demons.”

Sound interesting to you? Watch the music video for “Nesting” below:

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